Monday, October 1, 2012

Fire Dragon help

Things continue to improve in my spiritual life.  And hopefully in my physical life as well.  Last night during ritual, I prayed to Odin about my physical limitations, not in a help me out way but in a what can I do to fix it way.  I had read a blog post about him being a healer of old so I gave it a shot.  I know there is a goddess of health in the Norse/Anglo Saxon pantheon but I had also read that the gods don't have assigned roles, per se.  They respond to requests as they respond; not in a way that means they have a particular duty. So I gave it a go.

I laid out the Animal Oracle Cards right after that and the first card was the Fire Dragon, which has to do with endurance, overcoming obstacles and increased energy.  The other cards were the Owl and the Bear.  And while I don't have their meanings right at my fingertips, they did correspond to the situation very meaningfully.  I'm pushing past the fatigue today but not racing over it.  I wonder sometimes if I am too afraid to push because I sometimes have days afterward of very real and very debilitating pain and fatigue.  I'm not forcing things today but I am making myself get up and do things.

Like laundry.  And dyeing yarn.  And cleaning the kitchen and dining room.  And putting the storm window in the front door.  It's not a lot in the scheme of things but it's 10 times more than I've been able to do in the past few weeks.  It was only getting worse so riding it out wasn't helping.  Maybe this will.  Especially if I rely on the Fire Dragon to help me through this.

I started learning the runes this weekend.  Still don't know anything but I didn't expect to right away.  I'm sure this will take a lot of time.  I'm reading more and more each day as well so that's good.

The weather is certainly changing.  It's been a bit warmer lately with temps in the high 60s and low 70s and cool nights.  That will change toward the end of the week with temps in the mid 50s.  I really feel like nesting, living a simpler life and focusing on frugality and back-to-nature kinds of things.  Fall does that to me.  I'm also trying to focus on eating more healthful things, too.  And not eating mindlessly.  I think that and eating from boredom are my biggest downfalls.  I don't even think I eat emotionally as much as I do mindlessly and from lack of anything else to do.

Time to get up and get more done.



  1. Ah, dragons. Anyone who thinks humans are diverse and strange should study dragons. Diversity is not a big enough word.

    Anyway. I do hope that adding a little dragonfyre to the mix proves beneficial in the long run. Dragon energy may appear destructive at first, but it tempers. Tempering is not pleasant, but the results are often worth it. Since you're familiar with life generally being rotten, you'll probably be just fine :)

    I know that whole bit sounds terrible. Sorry, but I'm too tired to think of better ways to word it.

    1. No, that makes sense, actually. Yesterday wasn't bad but today already is a disaster with only 3 hours of sleep thanks to the dog, the telephone and a mouse trying to steal Professor's dog biscuit he had hidden in the curtain.

      Zach has been drawn to dragons nearly from birth so they've been in our lives for nearly 25 years and yet I know nothing of them. He does, but I've never studied them at all.


  2. I've noticed that when I don't have any junk food in the house and don't order in I don't have the option to eat emotionally or from boredom. It's when these boys bring junk in that I have issues. There is a no junk food rule now. If they want it, they get it and eat it OUT. If I want something I have to get off my fat ass and drive to the store and get it. Guess who is too lazy to drive to the store and get it. :::pointing to myself:::

    When I order in the damn portions are so big and it's almost always Italian. We still go out but there are always much more healthier options on the menus and I immediately half my portion and ask for the other half to be wrapped so I can eat it for dinner the next night.

    Far be it from me to be one of those "just do this" assholes. That's not what I'm getting at. I have still eaten cake or donuts since I started it. I've partaken in cheesesteak, but about 1/4 of what I was doing. Better than nuthin.

    Baby steps.

    1. If I don't have junk food, I eat even more because I'm not getting satisfied with what I really want. And yet if I have junk food, I eat way too much of it because I want to get rid of it so I can start eating healthy again.

      I'm better off not dieting at all.