Monday, September 24, 2012

Ambition, motivation and growth

I'm not going to say that I have finally found my path...again, because every time I do that, within days I face a disconnect with the deities I feel drawn to worship.  So I will just say that I am very comfortable where I am and continue to grow closer and more grounded to the deities I feel called to.  I've been doing some reading on a daily basis and rituals are becoming more and more a part of my life.  Plus that energy connection I used to feel, I'm feeling again.  Very powerful stuff, indeed.

I'm also finding that if I ignore what other people think of the Norse gods, they become more real to me in their own way and not as a description of what others think they are.  They speak to me through Nature in a way I haven't experienced before, even with the Druid-ish path I was taking early on.  To me they are deeply connected to the roots of Erda and not the war mongerers some think they are.

Today Zach and I went to Palmatory Point here in town, an overlook of the marsh.  I haven't been there for years, sadly, and we enjoyed it so much that we plan to make it a weekly thing.  It's less than a mile from the house and hopefully we will build up our stamina to the degree that we can walk or ride our bikes there.  We live in a very hilly town so any bike traveling is hard when you're not in shape.  But the camera was dead so we couldn't take pictures.  Next time we go we'll have it charged up.  And take along Tom's binoculars.  Someone stole the telescope years ago so they never replaced it. :(

There is a trail there that we plan on using, too.  It will take a while to build up my stamina so I can walk past the woods into the marsh but I do plan on persevering and getting to the point where I can walk the entire marsh trail.  There are other trails, too, but they are out of town and they will be more for special occasions.  We're looking into volunteering for the Marsh groups and possibly DNR as well.  It's time to break out of our shells and connect with society as well as nature.

I need to focus more on being green as well.  I do recycle but I could do more, like hanging clothes out on the line instead of using the dryer.  And using less energy.  I don't need the fan on when I've got blankets on the bed.  I might like the way it feels but I don't need it.  Fewer trips to town and more walking to the convenience store instead of driving to the next town for milk.  We have no grocery store here in town so any shopping has to take place elsewhere, but milk is actually cheaper at Kwik Trip and we get our milk card punched which, when full, gives us a free gallon of gas.  Why do I not do that regularly instead of getting milk when I go to the store?  A little more effort but it's two blocks from here, although straight downhill there and straight uphill coming back.  And I mean a hill.

I've gotten complacent and need to get back into tightwaddery as well.  Living simply again, cooking from scratch, growing herbs and a garden next summer.  I have ambitions to do all this but no energy.  So I'm also focusing on eating healthier and spending more time outdoors.  I hope that will help.

For now, I have to get the clothes out on the line and fix supper.  A chicken stir fry for them and veg stir fry for me.   And knitting tonight, of course.  Tomorrow I plan on planting my herb garden on my new kitchen window sill and maybe growing some lettuce and celery indoors.  That way I can have salads year round.  With a nice southern exposure I shouldn't have any problem.  And the kitchen is the warmest place in the house.



  1. Baby steps. Don't overwhelm yourself and try one new thing each week.

    1. Ah! A reminder I need frequently. Thanks