Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Continuity would be nice

I'd love to get consistent sleep or have consistency in my day-to-day activities.  I have one day when I get things done and the next day I'm in bed sleeping most of the day.  Mostly because I didn't get much sleep thanks to the dog needing out every hour or so after the sun came up, the pharmacy's automated calls telling me I have prescriptions in and a mouse peeking its head from behind my altar trying to steal one of Professor's dog treats.  I was pretty miserable yesterday.  Plus I had shopping that needed doing.

Ladyimbruim mentioned in the comments last post that dragonfyre is chaotic at first so I guess that's what happened.  It certainly was a chaotic feel to the day.  Hopefully things can only improve from here on.

I did something last week that I didn't blog about initially because I wanted to give it time to see how I felt about it, but mostly because I forgot I did it.  So apparently I had no problem with it.  I threw away my fundie bible.  I had already gotten rid of most of my Christian stuff but I was afraid if I threw this away I would regret it.  Apparently I don't.  I still have the Book of Common Prayer but I will probably keep that since my experiences in the Episcopal Church were pleasant but anything that reminded me of the oppressive system I lived in I wanted out of my house.  Once I get finished cleaning my room I'll smudge it and do a cleansing spell.  I can't do it with Zach in the house, though, as he chokes on the smell of the sage burning.  I love it myself but his OCD won't let him near it.  He likes incense just fine so I might just use some Dragon's Blood incense instead.  And save the smudging for outdoors.

I'm still doing well on my path.  The other night I had a visit from the Greeks and that brought out feelings of nostalgia but no real draw in that direction.  I'm still fond of the Greek gods but we aren't a good fit.  And while I'm very content with the Norse, I'm finding I don't fit into the heathen aspects of that path either.  More just Pagan with Norse leanings, I guess.  And oddly enough, I like it that way!  I've come a long way from needing a defined system to follow.

I bought Mrs. B's Guide to Household Witchery for my birthday.  I really like it but it's probably not for everyone.  I like that it's more a how-to book than a book of deep knowledge.  I like recipes and spells and information about herbs and such.  I can't relate so much to her list of household gods since I don't have a hearth goddess to pay attention to.  I light the candle on my kitchen altar to the house spirits with a cone of incense to honor them and then invoke the gods with my morning prayer:  Hail Day!  Hail the Sons of Day!  And so on.  I love that prayer with all its variations.

Well, supper is done and it's time for nightly ritual.  I added Zach's dragon castle incense burner to my altar.  He's cleaning out his room and has removed all his altar stuff for now so I have a set up in the dining room displaying all his dragon incense burners and and dragon statues.  I do have his dragon oil burners on my altar holding my votive cups and candles.  I hate to use them as burners as the glass gets stained and etched so easily.  Plus, I do feel a connection with dragons now.  I also have his sword on my altar that has dragon designs on it.  I'll try to get a picture of it tomorrow.


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