Friday, October 19, 2012

Still on course

I'm exhausted beyond measure but still determined to give this house a cleaning.  The pain isn't so bad this morning although last night was a night of much tramadol. Still, you can feel the difference in energy.  It's palpable.

Zach's room in particular no longer has an oppressive feel and his mood is a lot lighter.  Once done in there he plans on purifying it.  He'd rather do it by himself, he says, which is fine with me.  I completely understand the need to work his own magic.

I've been finding a really good connection with Hestia.  I've dedicated the kitchen shelf area as her shrine and offer her incense and coffee every morning.  Well, nearly every morning.  Initially I kept forgetting and then I feel self-conscious whenever Tom is around so I occasionally bypassed the coffee libation.  Next week I intend to tackle the kitchen, getting it winterized and cleaned.  I think we're down to one mouse in the house so the trap is laid for him (humane, of course) and I'm very careful about leftovers and Tom's supper sitting on the stove waiting for him at night.

As I figured, the elation I experienced in deciding my path has waned, but my feelings that this is right for me, hasn't.  I'm no longer giddy, but I am definitely in love with this direction.  I'm not sure if my magic will be separate from my spirituality or not, but it's not an important issue for me right now and however it works out is fine with me.  I'm still doing a lot of reading, but more of my time is being spent on the practical aspects of both magic and spirituality this time around.  It really is a better balance than just reading about but not actually doing anything about it.

I had a dream last night about the gods but I can't remember exactly what it was.  Just that it was good and it was about them.  I suppose if it was important, they would have made sure I remembered.  Maybe the feeling was what was important and not the details.  I don't often dream about gods at all so this was a good thing.  In fact, the last dream I had about the gods was about Athena.  Several months ago.  Or maybe even longer than that.

Well, it is time for me to get moving and work on the dining room.  I won't be able to clean on the weekends because it is a tiny house and Tom is usually in whatever room I need to work on so this weekend I'll focus on knitting and other crafts.  Maybe I'll get my clay out and see if I can sculpt something for the altar.  And of course keeping up with the things I've accomplished in the house so far.

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