Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things falling into place

Just a short post today.  I'm going to alternate with my two blogs because I need to spend more time doing things that matter rather than reading and vegging online.  Sure, when you have no energy it's the easy thing to do but I'm going to focus more on reading, studying and hopefully, increasing my energy levels so I can run this household again.  Plus come up with some ideas for free-lancing that will help bring money in.

But for now, I'll get both blogs up to date so I can start fresh tomorrow.

Hippy mentioned in comments a while ago that crows are associated with magic and the incident with the crows moving out of range in a systematic way really made sense when looked at as if magic were eluding me at the time.  But how much difference a few weeks makes.  I'm inundated with crows now.  They're everywhere I turn.  Which is how it used to be since nearly every tree in our neighborhood has a crow's nest in it.  I should have seen them every day but lately...not at all.

So I woke up early the other morning, the morning after my epiphany about my path being generic witch rather than any kind of formal path.  I was watching Professor sniff the whole yard over looking for that perfect place to wee, when I saw a crow chasing a squirrel down the street.  I mean the squirrel was making tracks all the way down the street toward our house until he swerved to go across the street under the neighbor's car.  The crow landed and walked around the car, and while the car was tall enough for him to get under, he didn't bother.  The squirrel shot out from the car and under a wheel barrow so the crow took flight after him.  But when he ducked behind the wheel barrow, the crow took off in flight down the street beyond view.

I was rooting for the squirrel until I looked it up later and found out the crow was most likely protecting its eggs from the thieving squirrel.  Then my loyalties switched and I found myself in sympathy with the crow.  It was good to see the crow again.

A few days later there were three crows in the back yard, two of them picking on (or wooing) the third one.  It was really comical to watch them and I was mesmerized for a while.  Later still I found myself being watched by a crow sitting on the clothes line while I was outside working.

They're back!  I feel really good about my decision but having my crows back makes it feel even better.

Another thing that happened was I woke up this morning to find a few of the Greeks back.  Not all of them, but a few were hanging around my altar.  I greeted them but still prayed to Brighid when I lit my hearth candle and incense.  Not to slight Hestia at all.  She just wasn't one of the Greeks that showed up.  Hermes was there, looking at my animal altar that has become the guardian of the threshold.  And of course, Persephone and Hecate were there along with Pan.  Zeus and Hera were visiting as well.  No Apollo, Artemis or Athena but that's okay.  A few weeks ago I would have been in a panic, thinking that I was supposed to follow the Greek path after all, but now I will just enjoy their presence, spend time with them and send them on their way if they choose to leave again.  No pressure.  No fear.

It's much more relaxing without rigid walls to close you in. 

But now, I'm going to go knit and watch some tv I've got on dvr.  I taped Thor this weekend.  I've been wanting to watch it but it was on a channel we didn't get.  Got a free preview this weekend so I had access to it.  How nicely everything is falling into place now.



  1. Squirrels symbolize hard work : )

    1. He certainly was working hard to get away from the crow. And they work extra hard to annoy Professor so he'll bark insanely, waking me up from the nap I so deserve. LOL