Friday, April 27, 2012

Accepting instruction

I can't believe the difference in the way I feel spiritually.  The only word to describe it  Free to pursue whatever path I want to take, free to worship whatever gods I feel drawn to.  Free to celebrate how and when I feel like it.  It's like I've finally left Christianity behind once and for all.  I don't think I really had up until now.  Instead I've been trying to find the same thing within the Pagan world.

As a result, my experiences with the gods and goddesses has been absolutely amazing.  I can't believe the energy that is floating around me and the charge I feel inside whenever I invoke a god or goddess from whatever pantheon.  When I attended my hearth altar yesterday I just invoked the name that came to me first and it was Bridget.  Instantly I felt her presence within me and around me.  I continue to let my heart do the invoking and it's constantly been Bridget, which is a bit amazing considering I had such a hard time engaging with her before on my Druid path.  I've also re-discovered my connection with Cernnunos, Persephone and Hecate.  I'm sure the others will come with time.  Or will come from time to time.  Since discovering that they don't necessarily stay forever I won't be surprised in the future if they disappear for periods of time.

I'm taking a 101 course from Cindy, who will be here in less than 2 months so I finally will get to meet her after she settles in and gets married.  I'm not sure where I will end up but I like the idea of taking a real course in order to learn more about witchcraft.  I probably won't share a lot here as it feels pretty personal to me, plus there is a code of honor about not sharing out the documents and training.   I understand that now; I didn't before.  It's difficult if you don't have access to the teachings and I understand about learning from books and such.  Scott Cunningham was an absolute gift to me with his books.  But learning from a teacher has a different level of instruction to it.  And some things should be considered sacred and private.  It's not about exclusivity because anyone who wants to learn, can join a 101 class.  They're all over the internet and if you can sort out the good teachers from the bad, it's available to anyone.  It's about honoring a trust.  Having a teacher you feel confident in makes the journey that much easier.

But holey, moley!  There is a ton of homework and I'm already 2 weeks behind. :)

Still, I'm excited about doing this, although I'm not good at finishing what I start so this is a real challenge for me.  To complete the entire course.

As I said, not sure that Wicca is right for me but it may be that Wicca is the means I have to find my own path as a witch.  And if I have the opportunity to join a coven, it most likely wouldn't be one that was identical to my beliefs anyway.  The way I feel right now, being with other witches, joining in celebration with others who are like-minded is enough.  I don't need or even want someone who is a perfect replication of me.  How utterly boring that would be.

I keep meaning to talk about some things I've seen around me that have been more or less encouragement that this is definitely the path I'm meant to take but I'll save that for another post.  Hopefully tomorrow.



  1. ~hugs~ :) Don't stress! We all lead busy lives so I'm not going to be smacking hands with rulers. lol :) And thank you for the compliments. I hope everyone gets something out of the course.

    As I told you before, I love taking 101's because it lets you see a different side of something you already believe. Everyone has a different take on it. And I always learn something new.

    And as I said in one of the vids, I don't care if you discuss your own homework and stuff, I just don't want our handouts being shared or for us to gab about the classmates etc. But yes, its a trust thing and about sharing a sacred space with other people. :)

    And when I get there we can totally do a ritual and you can see what my groove is like. I'm bringing the West Coast flavor to you! lol

    Maybe Wicca isn't for you. Or maybe my flavor of Wicca isn't. But I hope it gets you thinking and helps you find what is right for you. :)


    1. Yeah, I meant the information in the documents, not the journal stuff and homework. I'm not always very clear. I know what is inside my head but apparently you all can't see that unless I put it in print. LOL

      Can't wait to see a real ritual and participate in one.

      I'm not sure Wicca would be right for me as a solitary practitioner but I would love to do ritual with Wiccans because I'm not sure the differences would be such a big deal to me. Especially after the journey I've been on.

      Can't wait to meet you in person!