Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Finding balance

I had been wanting a new vessel for libation for my altar for a while.  I have a wine glass that I've been using but it didn't really fit in with the theme of the altar.  It was too delicate for what I wanted.  Zach found a cut glass goblet today at the thrift store that was a bit closer to what I wanted so I thought I would just go ahead and get it since it was only 50 cents.  Then I found it...a brown stoneware goblet.  Exactly what I had been looking for.  It was only a dollar so we got both.  Zach really liked the cut glass goblet and will keep it in his room for when we set up his spiritual space.  (He doesn't think of it as an altar.)

I still have some modifications I'd like to make in order to have my altar feel a bit more organic, but that's a start.  Some day I might buy a drinking horn but right now it's not me.  I've not been using alcohol for my libations because no one here drinks.  I'm not allowed because of the metformin for my diabetes but I can have a sip a day if I want to (for religious purposes).  Still it feels wrong to spend that kind of money on something when I really need to get back to the frugality I used to practice in the past. For now, I've got grape juice that I can add a few drops of honey to as ersatz mead.

I really do feel that if I'm going to fulfill the role I set out to fill decades ago, I should really live up to it and spend more of my energy on making this place run smoothly and efficiently (and frugally) instead of spending time online.  It's gotten to be a crutch I fall back on because of the fatigue that is so debilitating.  Not that I expect to suddenly have a burst of energy and become superwoman.  But instead of this I could be studying, reading or knitting, which would be more beneficial than spending so much of my day surfing the various political sources I read. 

It's a bit of an addiction of sorts and I need to figure out a way to stop it.  I need to find more balance in my life instead of this one-track-journey I seem to be on of late.

I won't stop writing my blogs though.  Writing here is an outlet for me that gives more than it takes.  And I will continue to read your blogs as well.  But instead of politics, I need to focus on other things:  spiritual, educational, things to exercise my brain and soul.  Not things that piss me off and send me into a rage.

I'll just limit myself to one news source a day.  A different one each day would keep me up to speed with what's going on as I don't rely on any one source for the news.  Especially network or cable news. 

Tonight will be an early night though as I have work to finish up and then bed.  Some reading but mostly just sleep.  I've been in a sleep deficit for so long I think I could sleep for a week.


  1. I have cut my online time down sooooo much. I have been using my iPhone when I have downtime (waiting in line or that kind of stuff) and it is amazing what a quick check does here and there to fill that need to be "tuned in". My blogging has been reduced drastically and I now spend 1-2 days reading and writing. This change actually happened as a side effect of me getting off my ass first and hitting the bricks walking and cleaning/cooking/gardening. I would look over at my computer and think...nah, I'd rather read a book, clean etc. etc. etc. This is coming from someone who spent up to 4 hours a day EVERY DAY online. You'll get there, and when you do I promise you feel feel energized. The computer is such an energy sucker. Oh yeah, I also moved mine to a different location in the house so I don't see it every second. Outta sight, outta mind.

    1. I'm going to have to rely on will-power alone as I can't move the computer anywhere else. But maybe as I spend more time outside working in the yard and things of that nature, I won't be tempted by it. Plus, I really do have tons of things to do that absolutely must be done...debilitating fatigue or not.

      I figure morning coffee and the news is a must but beyond that I can walk away after that and not come back until I'm fixing supper.

      At least I hope.