Sunday, February 5, 2012

A newish altar for Hestia

I didn't get any reading done this weekend aside from a few chapters in A Clockwork Orange.  My mind isn't in a calm place right now for a variety of reasons.  None of which are serious.  I just can't concentrate very well right now.

I did some changing on Hestia's altar (or shrine, depending on who defines what it is.)  I had a marble mortar and pestle there, a couple of small candles, a whisk broom, and my spinning wheel figurine.  As I like to use incense in the morning, I've just been using the small, round metal thingy that comes with the cone incense, but when I tried to remove it, the ash would fall all over my cloth, making a mess.  Plus, as I was setting it on top of my soy candle with the wooden lid, it scorched it.  So when I was out and about yesterday I found a kit for "spirituality" with several items in it that I thought I could use.  One item was a small white bowl that I thought would be perfect for incense.  Another was a small wooden ash catcher and small incense sticks to go with it (where I'm supposed to find replacements for the short incense sticks is beyond me) along with some scented beads that Zach took and more cone incense. 

So I set about changing things out today.  Putting artificial flowers in a vase, taking the mortar and pestle down and putting my spinning wheel on top of the soy candle.  I think it was a good decision as it seems more representative of both Hestia and me.  I will most likely put down a new cloth as this one has spilled ash on it and I think I'll go with a red washcloth instead of the white one.  It's a small shelf and a washcloth is about the right size.  I'll buy a new one instead of using my worn ones though.  It really needs painting there but once I start I'd have to do the whole kitchen.  Which I would do if I had the energy.  The pain in there is probably 30 years old.  I'll try to get a picture of it after I get the cloth to put down.  Just don't pay any attention to the wall behind it.  It needs painting.

The quiet time I had intended turned out to be much quieter and much longer than I anticipated.  I fell asleep immediately before I even lit the candles (which was a good thing).  I had my battery-operated candle going and had turned the lights off to just sit and focus and decide just what I was going to do.  Next thing I knew it was 3 a.m. and the dog wanted out.  It was most likely a gift from the gods, to be honest.

I still haven't gotten the house cleaned but I think I'll wait until Monday since Tom will be home soon (I think) and it will just get messed up again. It's not filthy.  Just cluttered.  But I have found the kitchen so what more do I need?

I hope my brain settles down soon.  I really have a lot to read.


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