Friday, February 3, 2012

I will be reading this weekend...a lot

Oh, frabjous day!  I got Rituals of the Dark Moon today.  I haven't read it yet, just skimmed a bit but I will sit me down with it this weekend and devour it!  It really looks like something I would use a lot.  And in conjunction with the monthly studies on the Full Moon from The Druid Network, this should round me out nicely.  Thanks so much to Hippy Jersey Devil for recommending it.  I've also got to make more progress on Triumph of the Moon and A Clockwork Orange.

I refilled the bird feeders today.  They were completely empty, including the suet container.  I know the bird have other feeders in the area...two doors down in fact, but I did kind of, sort of promise them food because I've kept it full the past couple of years.  I should do better.  As soon as I came in and sat down they were swarming the feeders.  Made me feel a bit better.

The other day I started getting all kinds of hit on my mundane blog, over 450 to be exact.  And the comments were in the 80s.  I couldn't figure out what happened until I followed a link and discovered that my lovely niece had nominated me for a "love bombing."  Unfortunately the post they chose to bomb was the one with the title "My husband left me."  I think more than a few thought I was getting a divorce so it was extremely embarrassing.  I was talking about Tom leaving for his ice-fishing trip but only looking at the title, it does seem a

At any rate, I was "bombed" with all kinds of messages of support, which on one level was good.  On another it was embarrassing.  I'm not good with compliments at all.  There were more than a few "Jesus loves you" posts which I just took in stride.  As long as no one tried to convert me, I was okay with it.

Because I'm much happier spiritually now than I ever was as a Christian.  And I'm not going back.

But my spiritual bubble is a disaster right now because of all the chaos around me.  The house desperately needs cleaning.  Whenever Tom leaves on his trips, the house goes to crap on the day he leaves because I can't do anything until he's out of the way. Tiny house, right?  And I was really tired both Wednesday and especially Thursday, after Zach's dr appointment.  I was going to clean this morning and got a load of clothes in the wash but had absolutely no energy for follow through.  But until it's clean, I can't feel good spiritually.  For me, chaos breeds chaos.

So first thing tomorrow morning I'm going to tackle the house. I don't have to go anywhere and I've got the menu planned for the rest of the weekend so we're not going to run to a restaurant (even if it is on the Weight Watcher's plan) but I can't cook until I can find the kitchen.  I will go sleuthing tomorrow morning.  I even have an Indiana Jones hat I can wear while doing it.

But tonight, my bedroom is clean enough I can have some quiet time with the gods, try to focus my brain enough that I can do some divination since I haven't done that in a while, and some good candle time.  I'm changing to stick incense on my main altar because it burns better and waving it around my altar to purify it is a lot easier than using a cone.  I have been known to drop the cone and had to scramble to find it before I burned a hole in the carpet.

I bet that doesn't happen often in a church service. :)

I really love being a Pagan.


  1. I know what you mean about needing to clean house.. lol I've been purging and packing and crafting and not cleaning.. eek I'll feel settled again once I tidy.

    My witchy blog has been getting crazy hits too and I'm not sure why. But maybe its just time for blog love :) I'm glad you got lots of support and good comments! :)

    Enjoy your quiet time!

    1. My mind can't quiet itself in the midst of clutter, but my husband was raised in a family that thought clutter was the way to live so it's difficult to keep the house clutter-free. If I had more energy I could keep up better but it would still be a losing battle, unfortunately.

      My niece 'fessed up to causing the love bomb. LOL I was a bit shy about getting that much attention but I had to tell myself that my blog was public for a reason.

  2. "I can't cook until I can find the kitchen" -- LOL, good one!

  3. When I was in a Coven we were often heard saying "I love my religion because I can say the word 'fuck' and it's o.k. Especially when Pan is around." ; )

    1. Oh, yes. Pan loves good, honest conversation. And Hermes has been known to enjoy a clever turn of phrase himself.