Wednesday, February 22, 2012

How easy it is to make plans when your brain is there to help

One book has shipped at last.  It's the latest book I ordered, which is volume 1, fortunately.  At least we can get started on something. 

I have to say that I'm not feeling a real connection yet with the Norse gods, mostly because I still don't know them well enough.  I've got some mythology books to peruse and some history books as well so I plan on sitting down with them tonight and going over them.  I'm not relying on them to allow me to acquaint myself with the gods, but it's a start.  I'm not displeased at the slow progress though.  Indeed, I find the slow courtship very satisfying.

Zach is using the family altar now, something he's never done before.  He says it's awkward but I reminded him that all new things feel awkward at first.  He's a very reticent kind of guy and tends to keep his practices private so I don't know how he will feel about family time at the altar.  I suppose we both have to get used to it.

Since deciding not to have a garden this year, I'm looking forward to making the yard reflect a nature retreat rather than an eyesore as it has since we moved here.  I've got plans for a sacred space behind the garage where I plan to grow morning glories to cover the box springs and mattress frames I've got leaning against the garage wall.  I'm also going to cover up the compost heap because we don't use it and it's just a magnet for critters.  Professor also digs in and come out covered in smelly stuff going after those critters.  I can use the space for the altar instead.  The advantage is that it's hidden from both immediate neighbors.  Anyone driving on the highway above our yard can see but they'll be traveling and not lingering so they won't see much.  There is a sidewalk above the yard as well but I'm not bothered by it.  More concerned about my neighbors who frequently have parties in the back yard not seeing what we do there. 

I threw some columbine seeds all over the hills that frame two sides of the yard, hoping to get the wildlife to grow a bit faster.  It's too steep to mow although we did try the first few years we lived here.  Now I let it go back to nature only she's taking her sweet time making it pretty.  My mother said to just throw the seeds and they'll grow like crazy so I hope she's right.

We're expecting a snow storm tomorrow although no one seems to know for sure what's going to happen.  I'm only concerned because the Decorah Eagles are on the nest with two eggs so far.  I love watching them and wonder if I have a special connection with eagles.  I've seen two in the past several years, both swooping down over the car as I drove along.  I was told we don't have bald eagles here but I have seen two.  And I have to remember to breathe each time I see one.  I love the hawks, which are numerous but the eagle just sends me into joy.

Hopefully this lifting out of depression will continue so I can get my life back and I can focus more on my spiritual studies and practices.  I have tried to read the Rituals of the Dark Moon but my brain wasn't along for the ride so I had to put it up, which means I missed the dark moon.  Well, I didn't miss it since I was here when it happened, but I didn't celebrate it like I wanted to.  Next month, for sure.


  1. The great thing about books is they don't go anywhere and are waiting for when we are ready. Got to love that.

  2. Absolutely! Which is why I try to own books that I plan on referring to often. Because the library seems to lose books on the nature of Paganism. At least ours does. I've noticed the other libraries seem to keep their collection intact. It's not the library's fault because they're just as frustrated. Some people like to go in and keep the books out until they get "lost" hoping they won't be replaced. And they usually aren't replaced. :(

  3. Bitterness is a human flaw. Hopefully your library won't be the target for too long. I don't own many books about, well, anything. I own hundreds (never seem to spend my money on anything else really) but they're almost all fiction and entertainment.

    I'm glad that you and Zach are getting to share more- even if you both remain primarily solitary. Even a solitary needs someone to talk to once in a while ;)

    1. When I lived in San Diego, we belonged to a Christian homeschooling group and they would brag about hiding books they found offensive in the library since they couldn't walk out with them. I reported to the library where they were hiding the books and they found several "lost" books there. And this from the group who claims to have the higher moral principles.

      It's taking some getting used to, doing things together, but I do like it. It's nice to be able to share something you love with someone you love.