Thursday, February 2, 2012

Happy Imbolc or Candlemas to the Northern Hemisphere; Happy Lughnasadh or Lammas Day to the Southern Hemisphere

I got the book on Candlemas from the library tonight but as I hadn't planned on celebrating, it's not a big thing.  I'm always glad to do some reading on the festivals anyway.  I wish I had more opportunities to read about the Greek festivals and such.  Without paying a lot of money for it.  I appreciate the effort it takes to amass all that information and write it down, but I'm broke and have to rely on things I can find online or at the library.  Aside from my every other month book allowance I give myself.

Now I have three books going:  Triumph of the Moon, which is finally progressing in spite of the microscopic print, A Clockwork Orange, which is a slender volume with print I can read without a magnifying glass and Candlemas

Today was a pretty busy day with the dr visit and shopping.  We had planned to dine out tonight but in a higher class establishment than we usually patronize.  Okay it was Appleby's.  Still, that's fancy for us.  Since we start on Weight Watcher's tomorrow (as a result of Zach's labs) we discovered that will not be a place we can visit in the future as there is nothing on the menu with the WW symbol or their apple symbol that Zach will eat.  He cannot stomach potatoes unless they're hash browns or french fries.  And he can't have the french fries anymore so...we don't plan on eating out much at all in the future.  Which is really for the best anyway since we won't be able to afford it now that I have to buy all this whole grain and lean meat stuff. 

But now that we're home, I'm winding down and plan on having some quiet time at my altar, calling upon Apollo for some spiritual counseling and divination and Aesclepius for some healing directed toward both of us.  All the stress from today has initiated a flare up of my fibromyalgia.  My shoulders, which normally don't give me grief, are using language that would get them kicked out of the library, for sure.  And my hip are vying for attention as well.  My knees, which usually do double duty since I have arthritis in them are most likely waiting for the dead of night to come out and play.

I think Pan is hiding from me after that advice to get out more.  But just to be safe, I think I'll offer up some wine and barley to him this weekend during Anthestria...damned if I know how to spell it without looking it up.  It's typically a Dionysian festival, but if I know Pan, he'll be there.  Wine, ancestors and song, after all.

In spite of all the absolute crap going on in my material world, I feel really good about my spiritual life.  And somehow that makes the crap bearable.  Well, that and the obvious point that I have to endure it because the alternative sucks.  It helps to know that I'm not alone and that I am loved, something I never really felt as a Christian.  It also helps to know that I have friends out there who care as well.  That's another thing I'm not used to...people being genuine. 

So, I hope those who are celebrating the festival of their season are having a good time.  Me, I'm going to light some candles, have some quiet time and probably fall asleep when my head hits the pillow.  Don't worry, I'll blow out the candles first.



  1. I read A Clockwork Orange when I was a teenager and absolutely loved it! Especially the Anglicized Russian slang. I should probably read it again now that I'm middle-aged and see what my current reaction to it would be.

    1. I recently saw the movie for the first time and loved it. Watched it again and loved it even more. I'm sure that the whole book will have Malcolm McDowell's voice throughout. Which is pretty darned sechsy anyway.

      I'd be interested in your reaction after re-reading it after all this time. :)

  2. Quiet time at your altar and sleeping sounds good to me. Enjoy.

  3. I saw the movie when I was a teenager too and loved it! It had an X rating (sure wouldn't get one today) and I had to have my Mom take me because I was underage, LOL.