Monday, February 27, 2012

I forgot to title this one

I've found two online Norse communities on facebook that are simply amazing.  I've rarely gotten so warm a welcome in a group...not including my friends here, of course.  Nothing beats you guys.  But both groups have welcomed me enthusiastically and allayed my fears about rigid reconstructionism and dogmatism.  Not to mention racism.  Absolutely not allowed in either group.

They call themselves reconstructionist-derived or reconstructionist-inspired and feel about it much the way I do.  That there is much to learn about the past but no need to live there.

I especially love the Norse women group as they are a bit sassy and bold...much like the Norse goddesses.

It does mean a lot to me that I've found a group I can fit into.  I had such a hard time in the Hellenic groups, part of it my own fault, of course.  I just didn't feel like I belonged.  And to be fair, they were a bit dogmatic about a lot of things.  I've tried some general Pagan groups but again feel like I'm living on the outskirts, although I have met some people through those groups (hey, Cin!) and have the possibility of in-person communication sometime in the future.

I was beginning to think I was going to be on the outside looking in forever and wondered how I could ever overcome my unsociability.  Which apparently wasn't really unsociability but just waiting for the right fit.  I've had it here, of course, but finding it elsewhere was something I had despaired of.

I've been reading my first book The Troth, volume 1 and love it so far.  It's mostly history at this point, which is fascinating and from a seemingly unbiased position so far.  Not to mention the author thinks highly of Ronald Hutton so he can't be bad in my book.  This is the second edition and I think the mentions of Professor Hutton are in the revisions as Triumph of the Moon isn't that old and the first edition was published in 1993 by Kveldulf Hagan Gundarsson (I don't know how to use accent marks) and re-published in 2003 and edited by Diana L. Paxson.  Volume 1 is History and Lore.  I had ordered a new book, I thought, but got one used in excellent condition for about $5 less so I'm not complaining.  Not a mark on it and the cover is in near-perfect condition.

The other two books have shipped already and should be here later this week.  Those are more about the hows and whys of Norse Paganism.  More practical information.  But I am loving the history so far.  It's fairly new to me so it's fresh and exciting. I don't know if my path will lead me here for any length of time but the information I'm consuming is delicious anyway.

I plan on starting Rituals of the Dark Moon tonight as I think I have my brain back now that Zach's medical condition is sorted out and on its way to recovery (see other blog).  I'm not feeling well from either a cold or sinus infection but aside from the headache and aching muscles, my concentration is vastly improved and I am eager to greet the Dark Moon when she shows up next time.  Although I must say the Crescent Moon with Jupiter and Venus dancing in her glow is breathtaking.

But for now, I'm hoping into bed for reading and then sleep.  Zach is fixing supper and I am tired.


  1. I'm glad you've found two welcoming communities!

    1. Well, I'd like to think I found two MORE welcoming communities because here in blogland I've found a wonderful group of people who have been supportive and made me feel at home. Thanks, Debra, for being one of them.:)

  2. I'm happy to here you've got everything sorted out with Zach and he is doing better. Motherhood, it never gets easy does it. The worry, heartache, love ... no matter how old, they are always our babies.

    1. Not even when they're in their forties, which is what the oldest is. Amazingly the baby is 23. Thanks, Hippy, I crashed last night, as I always do after the crisis is over, and went straight to bed, falling asleep immediately. Not that I stayed asleep but I really did need it worse than I needed to read. So now I'm up at this ridiculous hour of 9 a.m. LOL!

  3. ~hugs~ hi! lol :) Can't wait till we get to meet. Its actually looking pretty good for us to be in Madison this summer :)

    And I am so happy for you! yay for finding groups that work! And I don't blame you for feeling weird about the fb group we met through, I've had some serious thoughts about leaving it... lol

  4. The meetups aren't really convenient for me anyway, driving from where I live, especially at night and in winter so I doubt I will ever make it for those. They asked when was convenient but when some of us mentioned a time, it was totally ignored as if everyone was in agreement on the other time frame.

    Still, it's their group and they can do what they want with it. I really don't see connecting much with them as most of them seem to be on similar paths that don't really have much in common with mine. But I am ecstatic about getting to meet with you. Can't wait!