Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Only the title has changed

Changing the title and defining my path won't make any changes to this blog.  I don't intend to blog in a teaching way or intend to explain a lot about hellenic polytheism.  I'll be doing the same things I always have done.  Just talking about my day to day dealings with my spirituality and how I interact with the world.  Sometimes I'll rant; sometimes I'll offer opinions.  But mostly it's just me talking about my daily spiritual path.  I'll just be more open about what walking on that path entails.

How boring, huh?

I'm riding out another depression cycle, normal for me this time of year.  I can't take meds but my dr does recommend diet, exercise and meditation.  She said that meditation has been known to change the brain patterns in people with clinical depression.  I also read that incense, or aromatherapy, helps change the brain patterns as well.  In particular, I've read that frankincense helps.  Unfortunately I don't care much for the scent although I use it in ritual because the gods seem to like it.  But get the sticks.  The cones won't stay lit.  I have to grind them up and then they burn too fast.

I ran into a friend from my old fundie church at StuffMart again and discovered that their pastor had flat-out lied to me about the reason they didn't do their Christmas program this year.  He told me it was because of some deaths they had and felt that it was a God-thing.  D said it was because people didn't honor their commitments and just bailed out.  They didn't have enough people to put the event on.  Of course I didn't tell her what the pastor had told me.  I don't play those games.  It was good to see her and she didn't interrogate me as to my religious activities this time so it was pleasant.  We talked a lot about our pets.

I've been writing down prayers I find online into my journal to use for daily rituals and such.  Some of them are lovely; some not so much.  I have copied a few Orphic hymns that I liked.  Decided against some I didn't care for.  I've been thinking that I should get back to writing again.  Not blog writing, but journaling and even trying my hand at poetry and fiction again.  I might start out with short stories first.  I think my problems in the past were I attempted mountains before I could walk up hills.

I also have been looking longingly at my drawing pencils.  I should get back to that, too.  I'm not the most ambitious person in the world and follow-through is my worst fault, I think.  Maybe more structure in my life would help.

The other night, while praying, I found a connection with a goddess I hadn't considered before but makes perfect sense for me.  While praying to all the gods I invoked Persephone and immediately felt a warm rush of energy overwhelm me.  I stopped for a moment to consider what it meant.  I'm not sure.  Not really.  But I will attempt to connect with her again and see what happens.  It was a good feeling, for sure.  One that brough positive energy and thoughts to me.

I have a lot of studying to do to bring myself up to speed on the gods but as I love doing that studying, it's something I really look forward to. Although I don't intend to study to the degree that I've dissected hellenic polytheism into a bloody pulp.  I like it whole.  Chunky, not smooth.

Time to light the candles and have a little time with the gods.  My rituals tend to be simple and wordless, although I do use prayer a lot.  I love the time I spend with them.


  1. Sounds like Persephone is calling your name. When a Goddess focuses on you like that, you are special to her.

  2. Thanks, Debra. That makes me feel all warm inside. :)

  3. I've said before that we have very different experiences with Divinity, but this is a good thing. Everything the same would be boring! I think a connection with Persephone is intriguing, particularly given the time of year. Winter is upon us but we should not lose hope of spring. She is very much a rebirth symbol and a reminder of the cyclical nature of our world.

  4. Thanks, Ladyimbrium. I'm glad we do have those different experiences because the first 50 years of my life was spent trying to do what the other Christians were doing and failing miserably. I tend to be a winter person rather than summer and can relate to Persephone more as a Queen of the Underworld. Not sure what summer will bring to me but I'm eager to find out. Who knows? I could learn to love the summer.

  5. I love Persephone. My childhood was robbed of me at a very young age. I can relate to her on so many levels.

  6. I had never given her a lot of thought before but she's become so special to me, even though I don't view her as a warm, fuzzy goddess. Hell, maybe it's because I don't view her as a warm, fuzzy goddess. I think I like my deities with a bit of fire in them.