Friday, January 20, 2012

Mindless spirituality...or how to pray when your brain cells have left the building

Sometimes you just don't need elaborate ritual to feel in that spiritual groove.  Last night I was bone tired, brain dead and just eager to crawl into my bed.  But I also wanted to acknowledge the gods because I enjoy it.  So I just lit the candles and the incense and grabbed the chrysanthemum stone and held it to my forehead and just zoned out for a bit.  I didn't pray or act out any kind of ritual but I still felt that connection between me and the gods.  It's an instinctive thing, I think.

Normally I stand when I attend my altar but standing is painful for me so I would like to come up with an alternative.  I like the idea of kneeling but as I would have to call for Zach in order to get up again, I don't think that's an option either.  I'm thinking of just sliding the ottoman over to the altar and sitting on it while I pray or do ritual.  I can reach everything at that height and getting up doesn't require a crane.

I haven't done much studying lately.  Fatigue dulls my brain and lessens my concentration so it's futile to even try until my brain cells decide to join me while studying.  They normally let me know when they're back from vacation but since I haven't heard from them yet, I'm guessing they're still at the beach.  I do miss them when they're gone.

Hopefully I'll be back to normal soon.  Zach and I are going to attempt some healthier options for eating and exercising and maybe that will lure those pesky brain cells back.  It's worth a try anyway.

In the meantime, I'll just muddle through, reading the same sentences over and over again and letting the gods direct my worship for me.



  1. As you know, I'm almost never one for formal Ritual. Especially since I'm not in a Coven anymore. I don't even consider what I do worship because I'm a dirty hippy Pagan ; ) and feel honor is the word that best describes how I live my live. All that matters is where one's heart lies. I don't believe it's whether our legs are standing or resting on a chair. Be comfortable I say.

  2. I hear ya. I'm not concerned that my posture is important to the gods, but I do want to be respectful and comfortable at the same time. But, alas, I'm a creature that loves ritual for some reason. Which I'm still fine-tuning because it's all about going with my instincts. :)

    Love ya, you dirty hippy Pagan, you. :)