Friday, January 13, 2012

Finally feeling winter's edge

I crashed early last night so I didn't do any evening ritual or prayer but I don't feel bad about it.  The gods know how tired I was and they know I think about them in the course of the day anyway.  And if they were so dogmatic about rules and regulations concerning worship, then they wouldn't be the gods for me anyway.  I had more than 50 years of that and that was 50 years too many.

But I did light a candle to Hermes today after getting home safe and sound.  I hate driving the truck on snow but the roads were pretty clear by the time I got out and about.   And I will have ritual tonight.  Not to make up for anything.  But because I enjoy honoring the gods and connecting with them.

Zach wanted some help in fixing up his inventory with things he wants to use to further his spiritual path.  Which he is still fine-tuning so I won't say more about it.  Except that his pull toward dragons is a huge part of it all.  So we got him some stick incense since the cones seem to irritate his throat a lot but the sticks don't.  I'm phasing out cones, too, because they don't burn completely.  And my frankincense cones don't stay lit at all.  I'm going to crush them all and burn them loosely and then never buy cone frankincense again.  I gave him my potpourri pot to use for scented oils and things of that nature.  It's bigger than my oil burner but lasts a lot longer.  As long as 3 hours.  My oil burner only lasts a couple of hours.  With tea candles.

Now if he can just find a flat surface in his room.  He's not the tidiest person I've ever known.  But certainly not the messiest.

I need to spend more time outdoors in nature.  Tomorrow I plan on refilling the bird feeders and maybe spending some time at my outdoor altar.  Brief time.  It's cold out there.  I want to see if any animals have utilized the pomegranate. 

StuffMart had seeds out already but it's too early to start seedlings.  We can't really plant until late May so any seeds I would start now would be bearing fruit by the time I got them in the ground.  Plus I don't have room on the rack I have in front of the only southern-exposure window in this house that is capable of utilizing a rack for seedlings.

But I do want to start getting the foliage cut back in preparation for Spring.

I'm also thinking of waiting to celebrate Imbolc until the weather is better suited for it.  Normally February 2 is still very much winter here, with snow on the ground and below freezing temps.  I'm actually thinking of celebrating the wheel by the seasons rather than the calendar.  It really makes more sense to me.

But for now, I'm off for a hot shower, then laundry, supper and ritual before bedtime.



  1. I honestly can't begin to look forward to Imbolc yet. It feels like winter has only just begun to set in!

  2. It sure does. And with snow still on the ground most of February, I might move Imbolc to March 2nd instead. That more corresponds to the season.