Thursday, January 5, 2012

Attending the altar

For a long time, I've been thinking of a vigil candle or light of some kind on my altar.  I have, from time to time, attempted it for special occasions.  I really do like the idea of having one going all the time.  The dynamics of doing that, though, aren't as easy as it seems.  For one, I don't want a 7 day candle because I'm nervous about leaving a candle lit when I'm not home or when I'm asleep, no matter how "safe" it might be.  Any other kind of real candle would be out of the question.  I have a battery-run candle that I've used in the past and my oil burner runs on a tea candle that can last as long as 3 hours.  So if I time it right, I can use the oil burner during the day, blow it out when I leave (which means I have to remember to do that) and then switch to the battery-operated candle then.  Or I could just use the battery-run candle all the time unless I have my votive candles lit for ritual or prayer.  It's something that would be more of a disciplinary action initially.  Teaching myself to ensure my altar is attended at all times.  I really do like the idea as long as my memory cooperates.

I bought some pomegranate oil for my oil burner today, in honor of Persephone.  And I picked up a real pomegranate as well, to place as an offering on the altar before I share it out with the birds and rodents.  I will have a taste as well, having never tried it before.  I found a tiny snake figurine that is on my altar now, in honor of  Asclepius.  The Greek version isn't the caduceus, but a snake wrapped around a staff.  Still, this is as close as I can come right now.  I'm thankful for his help with Hannibal's infected chin and Tom's back pain.

I'm hoping to get some pictures taken later this week of my various altars.  I've wanted to do that for a while but haven't gotten around to learning how to use the camera yet.  I plan on getting Zach to tutor me on it this week.  It may take a while to get some good pictures though.

I haven't done as much studying as I would like.  Depression does that to you...leaves you in a limbo kind of world.  Wanting isn't always enough when it comes to motivation or impetus.  Still, I don't despair.  This, too, shall pass.  I can take baby steps again until I'm back to reading regularly and that is all I can hope for.  And all that I need hope for.

Off to nightly prayer and ritual and then bed.  I might just read tonight instead of knit.  It's been that kind of a day.


  1. I would love to see pictures of your altar :)

  2. Thanks, Ladyimbruim. I'll try to get the pictures out this weekend.

  3. Me too. (On the pictures.) (Also on the depression though, too. Been fighting it and barely winning. I might have to give in before long.)

    Love and hugs.

  4. Tana, I've not ever met you or even spoken to you before... but I feel a lot of pain in those words. I hope you'll ride it out this time too. The world would be a dim place without you. Sending loving thoughts your way.