Monday, June 27, 2011

My killer instincts

I finally have the garden in although not as many different plants as hoped for.  Why does the garden seem smaller this year?  We're also making progress on the grove/faery garden area.  Since giving up my bedroom, I needed to do something with the falling apart mattress and box spring so Tom and Zach tore them down to their metal foundation and we're going to use them as trellises for my morning glories I have yet to plant.  Tomorrow Zach and I plan to set that up as well as getting the grove ready. 

I intended to say a prayer over the garden when I finished all the planting but I plain forgot, being in agony from bending over.  I can't squat down due to arthritic knees and too much weight so I just bent over and planted away.  My legs and back aren't speaking to me.  Well, to be honest, they're speaking quite loudly in fact, using language that would definitely delight Loki and possibly Lugh.  And I suspect Pan has heard a few of those words himself.  I'll quiet them down with a pain pill later but for now, I'm just trying to ignore them.

I'm also on a murderous rampage, killing a multitude of mosquitoes who are intent on using me as a blood donor.  I'm down with the whole circle of life thing though and am using my privilege as top of the food chain to rid the world of a few dozen of the pests.  Zach is terribly allergic to them so he's already taking daily antihistimines.  Otherwise he ends up with welts the size of Kansas and spends all his waking moments trying not to scratch because they're so painful. 

That's 6 so far.

Having outdoor ritual might be a bit dicey, thanks to the blood-suckers.  We're a half mile from the marsh so we're never without swarms of them.  I've got some tiki torches but I don't know how well they will work and we do have to get to the grove, at the back of the yard, so we're fair game on our journey there.  I suppose using DEET is an option.  Maybe the God/desses will think it's some kind of perfume we're wearing in honor of their visit.

Didn't think so.

Definitely not doing this sky-clad.  Living beneath a major highway through town being a significantly major factor, but scratching mosquito bites in places that only my doctor gets to see doesn't appeal much.

I've been spending so much less time online lately so I'm getting much more done on the home-front as well as the craft front.  Still not as much as I would like but as there are only so many hours in the day.

Well, I'm off to climb into my jammies, make up the bed, spend some quality time with the Cernnunos, Lugh and Danu tonight.  Brighid has my morning and whatever God/dess calls upon me gets me at night.  For whatever reason, they claim my attention tonight and I am only too happy to sit at their feet and listen.

Having good days is such a treat.




  1. We use Deep Woods Off up here in Canada where the skeeters are bad in the summer. I like the idea of the mattress box springs being used as a trellis for morning glories!

  2. You are one of the most innovative people I know. I'm glad you had a good day. :)

  3. Thanks, Debra. I should invest in some of the Deep Woods Off. I'll put it on the grocery list.

    Thanks, Tana as well. I am such a tightwad that I just won't spend the money to put the mattress and box springs in the landfill, plus I am trying hard to be ecologically conscious as well.

    That and I needed a large trellis to cover the back of my garage and both of them, end to end do just that.