Friday, June 10, 2011

Lightening up

I'm beginning to notice how much productivity is connected to my spirituality.  The past few days, I've pushed past the pain and fatigue (although not to the point of hurting myself) and I've discovered how much more my mental processes drift constantly toward the spiritual.  I assume the connection to be more about my feelings of self-worth, as being productive makes me feel better about myself than lying around like a rock in the sun would.

I've been helping Zach organize his room today.  He's chosen to take his altar down and use the outdoor altar that we'll be setting up tomorrow, weather permitting.  I'm storing some of his altar tools for him, although he has given me carte blanche to use them if I feel a need.  My altar is pretty full so I doubt I'll have room for any of his tools, and I have plenty of incense so I'm good.  I've also told him that the altar in the living room is the family altar and he's welcome to use it anytime. 

Since giving up my bedroom, I've felt the mood of the house shift to a more positive one.  It feels lighter and cheerier, which helps my moods, of course.  There is more openness to it as there is less furniture in each room.  Although the living room is still incredibly tiny and I can't imagine how I got a full-size bed in there as the couch takes up enough room.

But central to the living room is my altar and I often find my eyes drifting toward it while knitting or watching tv.  They God/desses are never far from my thoughts.


  1. Lighter and cheerier is good! And the Summer Solstice is almost here too!

  2. You wouldn't know it from the temps we've been having. I'm in jeans and a sweatshirt today and the windows are shut. Temps are in the low 50s. But I love it!!