Monday, October 4, 2010

Mundane Monday with a smidge of spirituality

I spent less time online this weekend and got some much needed work done on my knitting although I would have liked to have done other crafts as well.  I just couldn't wrap my brain around anything else though.  I printed out the instructions to make a God's eye to go over my altar although I would like to make one for other rooms in the house as well.  I'm working on making the whole house reflect our spirituality and not just the bedroom.  Tom won't care at all, I'm sure. 

I'm not ready to start decorating for Samhain yet, though.  I used to decorate for Christmas right after Thanksgiving and by Christmas day I was sick of all the decorations and took everything down after the presents had been exchanged.  So I'll wait until the week before Samhain to make the changes to my altar and decorate the rest of the house.  I plan on gradually buying decorations over the years because it's too expensive to do it all at once.  Plus I don't have room to store anything so it will have to be something that is multi-purpose and can be used for different holidays.

I got some books on crows and other night creatures, planning on studying the pictures to draw them for the monthly theme on John Howe's site:  Night Wings.  It's also interesting to read about them.  I wonder if the crow is my power animal.  I might even get my paints out and try a painting of a crow for my wall in my bedroom.  Zach is drawn to owls so I hope to draw him a picture of an owl, maybe for a birthday present for him this month.

I tried some meditation this morning but I suck at it.  I was supposed to visualize a rising sun from the top of a hill and I could see everything except the sun.  Plus my overactive mind kept drifting off into other scenarios including hanging clothes on the line.  I will keep trying though.  I would love to tame my mind.

I"m trying to spend more time in spiritual pursuits because I feel like my attitude toward my new path is too cavalier.  I don't think I"m taking it seriously enough.  In that I am taking the easy path too often and not challenging myself.  It stems from my abject fear of failure, I think.  I know the only way to overcome it is to keep trying and learning from my failures instead of letting them paralyze me.

Today was a good start but I can do better and not get off the path I start on so easily.  I'm such a quitter and I hate that about myself.

But now it's time to finish up my chores for the day and start supper because these mundane things matter to me in a spiritual sense as well.  And also because I need sheets on my bed and something to eat.


  1. Meditation is hard. And no ever really says, "Hey, monkey brain will be something that takes a long time to overcome and years from now you'll be fighting making grocery lists or wondering how much the car repair is going to cost while mediating." I mean, sure, practice makes near perfect but I believe there's a lesson even in the monkey mind part.

    Now I'm just rambling. I'm going to go knit. And I think I'm going to send you your Yule present early.

  2. No way could I try to meditate today with only about 3 hours of sleep and one hour of trying to get back to sleep. But I do intend to keep at it because I think I will benefit from it. I really need to accomplish something for once. My ego needs it badly.

    I really do need a vacation of sorts, even if it's only hiding in my room reading and knitting or drawing. I'm feeling stretched and faded.