Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Goddess give me sleep!

There isn't a lot in me today due to not much sleep in the past several days.  I didn't try to meditate today nor was it safe for me to light candles last night in case I fell asleep.  I whispered to the Goddess the requests I had and let her know the candles would have to wait until I could stay awake.  As it turned out, it was 3 a.m before I shut the lights out and 6 a.m. before I got to sleep.  Pain keeps me awake.

I intend to sleep in tomorrow regardless of what's going on.  I need it.

Yesterday on our way to town (we take the back, country roads) there were about 5 large birds crossing the road.  As there was no one behind me, I waited for them (it's against the law to cause an accident while braking for animals in Wisconsin).  Zach thought they were pheasants but as we passed them, I saw they were turkeys.  We do have wild turkeys around here and we see them frequently on that road during November, but I can't recall seeing them this early before.  I wonder if this is a sign of an early winter.  The birds know, they do.

I'm not terribly crafty when I'm this tired so I probably won't work on drawing or knitting or crocheting tonight.  I'll probably fall asleep at 8 p.m. and wake up at midnight and be up the rest of the night.  It's how I seem to work.  But I do intend to keep pursuing meditation and keep reading up on Druidry, spells, and Awen, amongst other things.

As it is, supper is almost ready and I hope I can stay awake to eat it.

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