Monday, July 25, 2011

Getting new stuff is so exhilarating

Although I'm exhausted today it is normal exhaustion from work done, not exhaustion from depression or fibromyalgia.  Odd how one can feel the difference.

I'm triply blessed right now.  My orders from came in so quickly I barely had time to think about them.  I got the oracle cards and ritual prayer book on Saturday and the Green Man pendant just a few minutes ago.  I love the prayer book; it's a great companion to the other prayer book I have (both having been written by the same author...Ceisiwr Serith.  And I love the oracle cards, especially because they are animal oracle cards.  I hope to find time to learn them very soon.  But I love the pendant. It's even more beautiful in person.

The more grounded I seem to get on this path the more I think my ritual practices and altar arrangement need a bit of refining.  Especially as I add divination and magick to my practices.  I keep too many candles out and that clutters up my space for actually working.  I need to view it less aesthetically and more functionally.  And focus, too, on how best to address the God/desses I am called to.  I might start easing into my Lughnasadh altar arrangement as well.  I have added another altar to my home, in the bathroom.  It's also an incentive to keep the bathroom counter uncluttered as well, but my eagle, owls, incense and candle are there now, which makes me feel oddly better.  I now have an altar in every room in the house aside from Tom's rooms and Zach's bedroom.  And the basement.  Not even Hades would want to be associated with that room.  Maybe after I clean it a year or two...I'll make a place for one of the Deities there.  It's just too bad right now and I'd probably piss off any God/dess I tried to worship down there.

I'm also planning on incorporating much more study into my life.  Not just spiritual, but academic as well.  I'm signed up on the free part of Open University to read a course on the Enlightenment.  It's an era little studied in high school.  I just hope I can discipline myself to the degree that I am balanced enough to help take care of Zach's physical and emotional needs right now.  I'm convinced he has Asperger's, especially since he tested high on an online test for people on that spectrum.  I suspected he was autistic when he was little but he was so highly functional, I didn't think it was possible.  Now that I know about Asperger's, I feel like I have the answer for his various and sundry eccentricities.  There are routines that are impossible for him to establish in his life so I'll need to be his timepiece and babysitter, in a way.  He's still highly functional but that doesn't mean he's able to manage all by himself.

Oh, and Dark Mother, my new prayer book has prayers to Kuan Yin!  Very cool.



  1. That's a great pendant! May wearing it bring the Green Man's gentle growth and energy into your life!

  2. That Pendant is so beautiful, what a great find.

    As for your prayer space. In my opinion (opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one) I don't think the Gods give a rats ass if your space isn't Martha Stewart perfect. If the state of your space is ok with you, then open your heart, close your eyes and don't worry about.

    Reminder....this opinion comes from a very Wild and Fiery Witch....

  3. Thanks, both of you. I love the pendant and really reflects where I am spiritually right now.

    DM, to be honest, I hate going down to the basement so I wouldn't want to invite any Deities to go down there either. LOL Some day it will be clean and dry. I hope. Then, we'll see.