Saturday, February 23, 2013

Changes come with commitment

In light of my decision to commit to the Greek gods, I changed...or rather just altered...the title of the blog.  I love the title A Cacophony of Crows because I still feel that connection with both the birds and the goddess they represent:  Hecate.  However, I also loved the title when I was honoring the Greeks before:  Beware of Greeks bearing luggage, which really does describe their initial descent into my Pagan life.  Although they've really been a part of my whole life to a greater or lesser degree, but this was the first time they had wandered into my life with the intentions of worship.  I liked that title, too, so I just combined them.  It's really more of a description of my spiritual life now.

I had amazing times at the altar the past couple of days.  I'm not usually connected to Dionysus.  I can't drink alcohol because of my meds, although I can take a sip or two a day, and my party days are long past me.  I'm a homebody, not into wild abandon.  But as this is Anthesteria, I thought I should try to find something about him that was positive and that I could feel connected to.  And I did find some things.  His connection to theater is a big one for me as I'm a fan of movies, theater and such.  He's also the protector of those who don't fit in with conventional society...which would be me again.  Although he's associated with things chaotic and ecstatic, I can still appreciate those without becoming either myself.

There is some controversy about whether or not he's one of the 12, as some believe that Robert Graves did a lot of selective inventions when he wrote his mythology.  I'm on the fence as I haven't studied the matter for myself yet.  But I do intend to because I spent a lifetime believing things without question.  And one of my problems with other pantheons is the influence of Christian monks re-writing the history and mythologies of the people they have forced conversions on. I wouldn't want to accept something only to find out later it was an invention.

I had dvr'd a bunch of episodes of Hercules because I never watched it when it was on originally.  Not a huge fan though.  I like those episodes where they don't take themselves seriously and the humor is good, but I'm not a fan of the gods-are-evil theme that runs through it.  Still, it's just a show and sometimes the stories are fun.  Not to mention it's fun to watch the Australian/New Zealand actors I've seen in other shows, like LOTR and Farscape

I have Wrath of the Titans on dvr but haven't watched it yet.  I've got both versions of Clash of the Titans and while I prefer the original for mythology, the newer version has Mads Mikklesen in it and who doesn't want to watch him?  Not to mention Liam Neeson.  I don't expect accuracy from Hollywood so I just take it all with a grain of salt.

I still have a lot to sort out with my physical environment as far as cleaning, organizing and such but it's such a relief to have the spiritual chaos sorted.  At least for now.

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