Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Anticipating the upcoming heat spell

We're facing another heat wave coming in tomorrow morning, only this one appears to be sticking around for about a week.  I just can't afford to use the a/c that long but I will limit it to the days that are unbearable.  Low 90s we can tolerate.  Mid to high...not so much.

I did some finessing in my bedroom today, moving the extra tv out and putting my altar back on the west wall next to the window.  It just didn't feel right on the east wall, although aesthetically it looked better.  I will reconsecrate it tonight after I finish rearranging the dining room.  I'm clearing a path for the new stove that will arrive on Friday.  I wish I could get the whole house cleaned so I can smudge and cleanse it.  So much negative energy here.  Plus I'm thinking there's a curse or something hanging around.  No one can have as much bad luck as we do naturally.

I've been doing a lot of reading, although not all of it to do with spirituality.  I finished up The Help the other day and then watched the movie.  I made the mistake of reading a message board about the movie and was incensed to read all the bigoted remarks there about how the movie was over the top since stuff like that never happened in the south and how maids used to steal stuff and that's why they were treated badly, not because they were black.  I had to stop reading and take several deep breaths.  And delete that site forever from my memory.

But other reading has been about spirituality and I've found some lovely prayers that I've re-written into my journal.  I'm finally forging a connection with the gods after a really long dry spell.  It feels good to be back on the right path, although this time I'm making the decisions about the direction instead of letting the path make my decisions for me.  Not a control freak, but I do know what is right for me.

Short post today because I have to tear apart the dining room and get it over with so I can crawl into bed and watch Dark Shadows.  I just got the fourth collection from the library.  This will take a long time as there are over 22 collections available.  I hope I don't burn out before I get to the end.  Plus there is a lot of down time in between watchings as they are all on a waiting list.

But tonight is for Barnabus!


  1. I will say that is one advantage of being on night shift over the summer- sleeping through the hot days.

    I'm not sure what to tell you about the negativity around your house. I'm finally and for once in a pretty great place energetically. I do know that physical clutter attracts astral clutter and you keep saying your house is cluttered. I've never seen it so I don't know. There are lots of things you might try- astral gunk can often be broken up by chimes, bells, incense, ritual sweeping of the air, etc. Just some ideas to bounce around. If you really think you are under some kind of energetic assault, there are ways to block and divert that too.

    1. Thanks, Lady. That sounds like something that is doable. Our problem is we have too much furniture for our tiny house. But my husband won't part with any of it so I'm stuck trying to arrange the furniture so we can actually walk through a room without turning sideways. And I'm not exaggerating.

      It doesn't help that I suffer from fibromyalgia which has chronic fatigue as a part of the baggage that goes along with it.

  2. I hope you're hangin in there during this heatwave. We're in it too and it's supposed to break tonight. My head is screaming about it and so is my big mouth.

    1. It's a dilemma trying to decide whether to use the a/c or not. It's just a room-sized unit and it takes a lot of energy to just keep the temps in the house down to 80 so there's no real relief except for the humidity. We're toughing it out for now. I dread August though if June was this hot.