Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy Midsummer

This is the last day of the unseasonal heat spell we're having here.  And no, I didn't cast that particular spell.  I'm thinking this one comes from that non-existent thing called global warming.  You know...that thing that the liberals lie about and everything is just fine because god is in control bullshit.

My trip to Southern Indiana has been postponed indefinitely.  Tom's lead man has been in the hospital and there was no certainty that he would get out in time.  Truthfully, I found it a relief to cancel all the plans.  I don't travel well and my relationship with my family is best experienced at a distance.  Not discounting the possibility that I'm equally to blame in this.  If I had tougher skin and could grow up enough that my parents don't intimidate me, I would be a much better person for it.

Things continue to grow and evolve here at home.  Except for the heat leaving everyone limp and lifeless to do nothing more than facebook or watch tv and knit....lightweight things, of course.  My focus lately has been on the Norse/Anglo-Saxon gods as they seem to spark the most interest and magic in me.  But my path is definitely not Asatru or anything that has any modicum of rigidity to it.  Druidry and witchcraft (the non-Wiccan kind) appeal to me the most but neither addresses it in its entirety.  I am walking my own path, designed and laid out for me by me.  And the gods, of course.

I dug out my books on the Norse gods and plan on sitting in front of the air conditioner this afternoon and reading them.  As soon as I finish this up, I'm going to do that.  I am much more comfortable with them than I have been with any other gods but the connection with Asatru and other more structured facets of that particular religion were a real barrier for me.  I couldn't disconnect the gods from their followers.  I rejoined the Norse Women group on facebook and that helps a lot since most of them aren't part of any formal, structured path.  My interest seems to be more toward the Anglo-Saxon perspective of the gods as that is my ancestral heritage, along with Welsh and Scottish.  Maybe Irish...not sure of that.  Not that I think ancestral heritage is how people should go....just how I want to go.

I had intended to fix up the outside altar before Midsummer but it's been too hot to mow and the grass is too crispy anyway.  I think we'll do indoor ritual tonight, even though it's supposed to cool off by about midnight.  I bought mosquito-repellant bracelets to wear for ritual but tonight just isn't going to work for me.

Tom still might get his days off this weekend but we won't find out until it would be too late to cancel the motel reservations.  And anyway he's wiped out from having to do the work of two men for months on end.  Just found a lead man only to have him go into the hospital within a week of getting him.  If he does get these days off, I plan on a day trip someplace so we can get out of the house for a bit.  Zach would love the time alone, but he's welcome to come as well.  Otherwise he might work on his car since it needs some repair.  Or the truck.  We can afford the alternator now that we're not going down to Indiana.

Tom had mentioned the Solstice to me late last week and asked me if it was an important date to me.  I was pleased he was so interested and supportive.  Our relationship has improved so much since I left Christianity.  And there is no doubt that that is what changed things for us.  I'm sure some of my beliefs leave him perplexed and maybe even mildly amused.  Of course some of his beliefs leave me banging my head on a desk...but privately.  I try very hard not to disparage his beliefs but he does know how frustrated I am by the imposition of Christianity into politics.

Now off to read and enjoy the a/c.  And a night of temps in the 60s once again.



  1. Other folks' beliefs are always going to seem at least a tiny bit strange because they aren't our own. We do what we can.

    I'm glad you are getting a chance to celebrate the Solstice- even if it is an indoor celebration instead of the outdoor one you wanted.

    As for the rest of it- meh. Do what you can and don't let the rest of it bother you. That's the only advice I've got. I'm sorry that your significant other is being put in such a tight spot.

    1. I remember how I used to look down my nose at Pagans when I was a fundie so I'm really amazed he has shown as much support as he has!

      It was a nice and short ritual...just me and Zach. Today we will set out some offerings for the land wights or whatever animals are interested in barley and a milk/honey mixture.

      As for Tom, he's home today sleeping pretty much all day long. But he's sort of "on call" over the weekend in case his lead man has to go home ill. We are going to go on a day trip tomorrow but I have my cell phone in case he has to go in...we won't be more than a few hours from home.

      I just hope he gets the whole weekend.

      And as always, thanks for your comments. I really appreciate them. :)

  2. Our heat wave was Wednesday and Thursday. Thursday was 115 head index. We Jersians are delicate, we can't handle that crap. Solstice came in with a bang here with me ending up at the ER with asthma from the air quality. Not the best of weeks.

    I totally get the relief of not having to attend a familial obligation. While I am very tight with most of my family, there are those I'd like to beat with a bat and avoid at all costs.

    My husband had a BIG issue when I found my path but we were both young, neither one of us was a "declared" Religion and he wasn't set in his ways. Once he learned what it meant, he understood. I don't know what I would label him as....but it doesn't matter because he loves and supports me. Maybe you could talk to Tom about tolerance. Not acceptance or love, just tolerance. That's where I always go.

    1. Tom is totally supportive of my path...he just doesn't really understand it so I get a few side glances and smiles. He buys me things he thinks I can use and doesn't blink an eye whenever I buy something I need for ritual or study but I know in his eyes, my path is inferior to his because of the nature of Christianity to indoctrinate all their followers with that. Still, he doesn't condescend much and I don't rant on about Christianity.

      We've got another heat wave coming...I'm not used to paying for a/c like this. And I am tightfisted with money so we're putting up with the heat as best we can. I'm not, however, going to put us in danger to save a buck and the heat we're looking at is dangerously high.