Tuesday, May 29, 2012

The faeries help me out again

Nature made it clear that my altar needs to be some place else.  It was beside the west window but I'm reluctant to use the candles because of the breeze.  I've tried shutting one of the windows but with the curtains close, the other window funnels the wind through the other curtain as well.  So I decided it was time to move the altar to the east wall.  I've read that's the better direction anyway.  I had liked the altar where it was because I could enjoy the lit candles while I sat in bed but it occurs to me that maybe putting it out of easy viewing will make my altar time more deliberate.  I do tend to take the easy way out too often.

My mother doesn't seem to be improving with her mental state.  I was able to talk to my sister and my father both today.  I don't know if this is a good thing or not, but it's not as horrifying and shocking to me as it was initially.  Certainly I am praying for her recovery but I'm not thrown by it anymore.  It's not as surreal as it was at first.

The faeries are still good as gold to me.  I had lost my set of keys for the car that Tom drives to work every day.  This set has the better chip in the security thing.  The other set is the one that laid out in the yard for a year (which is the set he uses daily) before the faeries showed me where they were so the chip got a bit damaged and the other night he had trouble starting the car.  So he asked me today if I could look for the good set.  I looked around in all the likely places and places I had looked before but couldn't find them.  Then I just asked the faeries if they could help me out again.  Not 15 minutes later I found them under the entertainment center, where they had fallen off the key thing by the foyer entrance.  I hadn't looked there before.  The fae will get a little something special tonight.  Some milk and honey, I think.  They've been very good to me.

Time to get back to work.  I didn't do any studying today and probably won't get much done tonight because we got on a cleaning binge trying to find the keys.  But I do intend to set aside time every day from now on.  I need to discipline myself to stop taking the path of least resistance all the time and try doing the things that require more effort.



  1. Always cool when they give you an assist, isn't it? Trouble is, they never do it for free. Expect them to want something in return. Only fair, after all.

    1. Yep...milk and honey seems to work better than gold and glittery things. :)