Friday, August 12, 2011

It's not Hogwarts, but it will do

I won't be seeing the full moon tonight.  Or at least any time soon.  It's raining but I'm not complaining about it because this means I don't have to go out and water the garden and fills up the rain bin again.  Doesn't matter because I still plan on a Full Moon ritual tonight anyway.  The house has been feeling strange lately as if I'm being blocked from the benefits from the prayers and rituals I've been attempting.  I'm going to use tonight to cleanse, smudge and re-consecrate all my spiritual and mystical tools and altars.  I haven't yet consecrated my Greek altar yet.  It may not be necessary but it makes me feel more connected to my tools and the work I try to accomplish with them.

We saw the final Harry Potter movie last night and laughed (after we finished crying) over the many fundie accusations that this was real witchcraft.  Don't I wish!  Wouldn't I love to be able to use a spell or apparate.  And school would have been so much more fun!  But in spite of having a fantasy about living in that world, nothing like that exists in this one, contrary to the right-wingers who insist they know more about our religion than we do.

Still, I am ready to start studying spellcraft.  I take it seriously enough that I don't want to just jump in there and start writing rhymey stuff like from Charmed or sticking things in cauldrons and using them as potions.  I want to know what I'm doing so I do no harm to myself or anyone else.  And while I don't think misplaced energy can make someone's cancer worse (contrary to the bitch on the message board who insists fluffy bunnies are killing people) I think it's more responsible to actually know what I'm doing first.

Now that I've sorted out my spiritual identity...or at least sorted out what path I'm on now...I really would like to start progressing.  I hate that I've let myself get in such a rut.  I also plan on working more in my various crafts because that makes me feel so much better about myself, which in turn makes me a happier and more energetic person.  Productivity really is a medicine for the soul.

But tonight I'm hoping to just knit and rest a bit with an early night so I can start fresh tomorrow morning. I really would like to start waking up in the morning again.  I love the sleep that I'm getting but I'd like to feel I haven't wasted most of the day by the time I wake up.



  1. I believe our power of thought is only as powerful as we are enlightened to it. So if someone is calling another person a fluffy bunny (insert eyeroll here), and suggesting that FB has the power to think someone's cancer into a worse state, I don't know what to say to that. It's contradictory. Of course, that's my small, humble opinion.

    :) In other words, my thoughts are only now becoming powerful energy forms and I have a longassed way to go and I know it.

  2. The other participants pretty much ripped her a new one for her nastiness so that was good. Everyone has to start somewhere. We don't sit in a cubicle studying until we're experts on things. And most of us don't have mentors to guide our every step, so of course some of us will make mistakes.

    And you are wise, my friend. I, too, am only now becoming aware of my potential with energy and am learning, slowly, what to do and how to do it. I really doubt the gods would be so petty as to allow a new practitioner to kill someone while trying to learn the arts. Shit like that only happens in movies.

  3. I highly recommend the book "Power Spellcraft For Life" by Arin Murphy-Hiscock. I read it when I was first beginning my dabbling with spells and it was a great help as far as having the process laid out for you in a understandable & responsible way.

    Hope your cleansing & ritual went well!

  4. That's good to know, Rue. I'll look for it. I doubt it's in the library but I'm sure it's on