Monday, October 13, 2014

Post-weekend report...surviving Zach's new job

The weekend was a bit of a blur.  Zach started his job and I had laundry and driving to do.  Lots of laundry.  I got behind apparently.  Meals to prepare (Zach prepares his own lunch box, of course) and errands on top of the chauffeuring.

I didn't knit as much as I would have liked to.  I'm a bit achy and knitting sometimes just hurts.  Around the shoulders.  I use circular needles mostly because they help in that but with the weather changing and rain off and on, I'm achy.  But at least the sciatica is at an ebb and the fibromyalgia is better with the turmeric.  Still, the achiness of the fibro wears on me physically and emotionally.  Chronic pain beats you down.

I'm nearly done with my brother-in-law's socks.  My sister wants me to knit some socks for a young boy so I ordered the yarn for that.  I had hoped to find it in JoAnn's but they didn't have the color I needed.  Shipping and handling have eaten up any profit but that's the way it is.  I don't like to charge much for family anyway.

I haven't done any studying but I have spent some time in meditation of sorts.  Not long, given my inability to concentrate when I'm dealing with pain, but I do feel it's helping.  I'm making connections I hadn't made before.  The music is helping as well.  As Samhain approaches I can feel the veil thinning.  When I drive past the country graveyard, I can feel something growing.  Just an energy, nothing malignant.  I'm not sure what I'm going to do as far as the ancestors go.  This is the second Samhain since my mother died.  I didn't do anything much last year as far as honoring it.  I hope to this year.  I plan on using my fire pit on that night.  Having a small ritual outside.  Before we always used just candles but I'd like to make it a bigger event this year.

Zach's birthday is coming up this week.  Unfortunately he has to work that night so we won't be going out to eat this year.  Maybe some other day we can do that.  We already got him his birthday presents.  The complete set of The Iron Druid Chronicles.  He loves those books and already finished one the night we gave them to him.

I've read a couple of them but I'll wait to read the rest.  Give him time to enjoy them first.

Have to go get him some new shoes tonight.  His feet are very wide and he has a high instep in addition to having flat feet.  So walking around all night is very painful for him.  The shoes he has right now are just cheap shoes with no arch support so we're going to try to find something that is comfortable.  Very hard to do with all his feet issues.  And gel insoles don't fit inside his shoes because they leave no room for his feet.  It's very painful to wear them.  Tall and wide feet are a difficult combination.

I hope we can find some.  Last time we were there for 3 hours and walked away with nothing because there weren't any shoes that really fit him.  I'm taking a book to read this time.

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