Friday, October 17, 2014


My altar.  Cernnunos and Ceridwen on the upper shelf, Dagda in the picture frame on the lower shelf and the statue is Danu.  My Animal Oracle cards, a box of my crystals and stones behind everything in the raven box.  Tunes to the side (Damh the Bard, of course.)  My incense in the cauldron. Sticks of incense in the eagle statue.  Chalice and bowl for offerings.

I need to work on my photography.  I don't hold still as well as I should so a lot of what I take is blurry.

The wall above my altar.  The Sun and Moon, my mother's picture, Gwyn ap Nudd and Airmid.  The plaque is Mannanan mac Lir.  Briganti is on another altar but I'll have to take that picture later. That altar needs cleaning.

Zach and I have started on The Book of Celtic Magic by Kristoffer Hughes.  Some authors I click with and others are a bit difficult to make that connection with.  Kristoffer Hughes is one I really do connect with.  Another one is Alaric Albertsson, but while I love his books, my path is firmly in another direction now.  Still, there is much to glean from his books as well, especially To Walk a Pagan Path, which is beyond excellent.  It's generic Pagan so any path can benefit from it.

I also have from the Cauldron Born by Kristoffer Hughes as well.  That one I'm doing by myself.  I really feel drawn to Ceridwen and this book is helping open up that connection.

Also...Damh the Bard just really rocks!  It took a while to find the missing part of my spirituality:  music.  But having done that I am discovering the electric connection between the music and the gods.  It's amazing how that is working for me.  I love that his songs are so demonstrative of what a bard really is.  I finally feel complete now on my path.

I do have a lot of organizing to do yet, clearing up the back yard so our Samhain ritual will be in a more peaceful environment.  The chaos off weeds and clutter back there is really distressful but I haven't had the energy to work on it.  Plus the chronic pain I have to deal with.  It has been a lot better now that I'm taking turmeric but I'm having another flare up of the sciatica which not even the tramadol will help so it will be next week before I can get out there and work on the yard.  Meantime I'm knitting some socks for my sister's husband and I think one of his young relatives.  Not sure who the boy belongs to, but he's getting orange socks.  As per request.  Actually, more like pumpkin.   I got the yarn for that today so as soon as I'm done with the bil's socks (tonight) I'll start on the boy's socks.

I love how I can incorporate my crafts, my creativity and the music into my spiritual path.  I love that about Druidry.  Mostly though, I just love the gods.  I finally fell in love with them.  It's another part that has been missing for me.

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