Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Intuition and getting the mood right

I've never been one of those people who is completely aware of everything that goes on around me.  I tend to live within my bubble and sometimes sleepwalk through it.  The other day Zach and I were shopping and I never even heard the guy in the next aisle who was moaning loudly, according to Zach.  I was focused on my shopping and nothing else.  This leaves me completely out of the loop if the fae or the gods want to get my attention.

So now they're making loud noises in my house by virtue of breaking things.

A few weeks ago, even after I had determined that the Celtic gods were the best fit for me, I still had the Norse gods on the altar.  In fact I was arranging the altar to better suit them.  The Celts were on top of the entertainment center with a mini altar of sorts.  While I was setting things out, one of the Norse pictures fell off the wall and broke my dragon oil burner.  Now, there was nothing wrong with the hook I had it on.  Nothing wrong with the picture either.  It just fell off.  No vibration, no accidentally knocking it off.  Just effing fell off.

Even I got the message and put my beloved Celts on the altar and switched the pictures to Celtic deities.  Nothing untoward for a while...

...until last night.

Zach still is very fond of the Norse so I put them up on the entertainment center and they did look lovely.  I lit a votive candle on their shrine when I did my nightly prayers and ritual for the Celtic gods.  An hour later, the glass candle holder exploded, throwing the glass a distance of a few inches away.

I can take a hint.  They gods will go into the armoir in a nice place of honor for them.  Zach has decided to leave them in there and if he wishes to in the future, will just use that as the altar for them.  I had to sit with him and explain that I didn't get the sense that the gods were furious and trying to punish us.  Just get our attention.  After all, we weren't hurt, the house didn't catch fire and the oil burner can be glued back together again.

Maybe it's a case of be careful what you wish for.  I had prayed for more insight and using my intuition better.  I can't say I know exactly what it was all about, but I do know I feel a sense of peace with the Celts that I don't feel with the Greeks or the Norse.  Although I still love them all.

But nothing feels the same as the glow I feel when I interact with the Celts.

I had a chance to use my intuition in a more mundane situation today when I got a call about some topical pain relief this company wants to "prescribe" for me via an online doctor.  I wasn't feeling comfortable with it and the guy seemed annoyed with all my questions about the ethics involved.  Finally I agreed to go to the website to validate his company and the effing computer wouldn't go to the site.  I kept getting timed out.  That was enough for me.  I told the guy I wasn't interested and he hung up on me.

I don't know what I saved myself from, but I do feel like I dodged some kind of projectile.

I'm going to work more with my tarot cards and have ordered a book to go with my Druid Animal Oracle cards.  I've had the cards for a while but didn't really know how to read them.  I'll get the book tomorrow.

Got my birthday present today (from me, of course).  Two Damh the Bard cds.  I've wanted some for years and decided it would be a real benefit for my rituals.  Not to mention just the pleasure of listening.

I've got some Druidcasts on my mp3 player and am in the process of autumn house cleaning.  It's taking me a lot longer because of my physical limitations and the immense fatigue I suffer but I am seeing some progress.

All in all, spiritually I feel a lot lighter.

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