Friday, July 5, 2013

Still growing spiritually/still getting better physically

I'm feeling better with each passing day although cardiac rehab has left me sore and stiff from the workout.  But it's still a bit fun even if I am the youngest one there during the sessions.  And I mean youngest by ten years or so.

I'm still reading and learning more about the Greek gods and the ancient practices.  I'm still very content with the path I've chosen with no second or third thoughts about it.  I realized that I'm not really as focused on magic as I first thought when I turned to paganism.  Maybe my ideas about magic have changed a bit as well.  I'm looking at it as a more organic thing rather than something supernatural as I did when I first thought about it.  And while I love ceremony and ritual in my spiritual practices, I don't see it so much when I think about it in terms of what I would feel comfortable doing with magic.  Herbs, gems, crystals, divination...these are the things that I think speak to me magically.  But, I stress, this is just for me.  I can really understand why someone chooses more ceremonial magic, more ritualistic magic.

The connections I'm making with the Greeks are very satisfying.  To be honest, I haven't reached the level of connection with any other pantheons.  I don't know why I kept trying so hard but stubborn me always does things the hard way.  Last week Tom's machine at work was down and they had everyone in to try to fix it.  Now with the hospital bills coming in (and they are enormous, even with the insurance) we desperately need the overtime but with his machine down, that wasn't happening.  I finally appealed to Hephaestus for aid in fixing the machine and Tom came home that night with the machine fixed.  Of course, the company that made the machine all the way over in Italy, sent a representative to fix it so I'm sure that had as much to do with as anything...although...he was totally unable to even figure it out the first day.  Just sayin'...

When I appealed to Hephaestus I felt a really warm glow, the same one I feel with Zeus, Hera, Hermes and Persephone.  Warm and tingly.  Even though I've got the decals on my wall, I still want some statues so I think I might try to make some myself.  I'm not very good at sculpting but I can give it a shot.  It's not about how gorgeous the statues are, but do they represent the deities?  I'll have to work on that.

Zach is doing well with his path, still fine-tuning it.  Not sure where he is with the deities, but he's doing well with magic.  More ceremonial than me but I'm willing to participate in anything he needs me to do.

I've been cleared for light housework now (didn't know I wasn't supposed to be doing any before this) so I'm going to clean my room this weekend and redo my altar.  I've got representations on there that I don't really connect with and it feels a bit cluttered.  Also, I finished knitting my second Greek Key Striped afghan, this time in blue and white.  The other one is purple and off-white.  I've used the purple one for an altar cover before so I thought I could swap them out from time to time and use them instead of the scarf I've got on there now.  Since Hekate's Deipnon is coming up, I'd like to have my room cleaned before that and my altar tidied up.  Clutter gets to me and I haven't been able to clean my room or vacuum it in a couple of months.  Now that I'm cleared to do it (and I can get Zach to help me with the heavy stuff) I'd love to get it clean in there.  I've thought about turning it back into a living room but leave the couch in bed-form until company comes.  Since it looks like we're going to be getting company more often, I'm thinking it over.  This weekend would be great since Tom has the weekend off and since I can't lift anything right now...

I've also been thinking about what I want to do with this blog.  The blogs I love to read most are about other people's lives and not so much the ones that are lecture-form.  I think I should do what I love and not try to be something I'm not so I'm still focusing on my spiritual path but more in journal-form.  And more often now that I'm feeling better.

But tonight is knitting and catching up on dvr inventory, particularly The Walking Dead.


  1. I just discovered your blog, and I'm enjoying it very much. I'm sorry to read about your health problems, but glad that you are recovering. I, myself, am just rediscovering the Greek paradigm. I just posted something about that today. Over the 10+ years I've mainly been attracted to the ancient Egyptian deities. However, I think that the Greek deities present a more optimistic front. I look forward to reading more of your blog!

    1. have ever felt a connection with so the reasons for resisting them seemed to be ridiculous after that.

      I've been fascinated with Egyptian history ever since I taught it to my son in grade school but I'm not sure I connect with the gods. That could change in the future, especially as the ancient Greeks connected with Egypt from time to time. But for now, I'm very content with the Greeks.

      Thanks for reading. I've marked your blog in my favorite places. Good to "meet" you.