Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Sorting out the festivals

I'm not totally sure how the Hellenic calendar works since people were talking about Hekate's Deipnon yesterday but the one at Temenos says it's today.  I'm thinking all holidays start the evening before in which case it's almost Noumenia and the Athenian New Year.  Tomorrow evening, then, would start the Agathos Daimon.  I've been following a discussion online about the Greek festivals, which are mostly the Athenian festivals so they don't necessarily apply everywhere.  At least in my opinion. 

I cleaned my bedroom today in keeping with the household festivals.  I'm not cooking a feast or anything since eating is a problem with my restrictions and because I did too much cleaning.  I hadn't cleaned my room since around February because I wasn't allowed to and although I'm only cleared for light housework, I couldn't help myself.  It really needed a cleaning.  I took my time, though, and rested often.  Which is why it took me all day to clean up a little room.  Unfortunately, the dining room now has the overflow from the bedroom but will have to wait until tomorrow for cleaning.  I won't be able to clean the kitchen tonight either, but I will have a clean room to sleep in.

I also gave my altar a cleaning and did some changing.  I finished the Greek Key Striped afghan a month ago.  I have one in light blue/white and one in purple/off-white.  I like using them on my altar.

I don't change a lot when I clean my altar but enough that it has a different feel to me.

I am continuing to read and study up on the ancient traditions although I can't see myself embracing them in a way that defines me as a reconstructionist.  I like to think of it as following the gods as if they had continually been worshiped along with all the changes that would have happened over the ages.  I don't live in Athens so the city's festivals don't apply to me.  My city's festivals do.  I've never been able to follow the 8 sabbats because the ones specific to the gods don't mesh with me.  So I'm just going to work it out as best I can with the gods and my own culture and seasons.  Seems like what the ancients would have done anyway.

But I do like the monthly household observances even if I haven't done much with them yet.  As I get better and regain my health, I plan on doing a lot more in the future.

But not this month.

And as far as the Athenian New Year...like I said...I don't live in Athens.  In this case I prefer using Samhain as a starting off point even if it isn't a Greek festival.  It's one of my favorites so I'm going to celebrate it.  I really don't care what the rigorists think about it.  It's my practice and my relationship with the gods.  I had quite enough of being told what to do as a Christian.  I'll never allow anyone to dictate my religious practices to me ever again.

And now for supper, some exercise and a shower.  I have cardiac rehab tomorrow so I won't be able to get a lot done.  I'll be way too tired.

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