Monday, April 15, 2013

Reaching from beyond the veil

On Friday night Zach and I started doing ritual at the ancestor altar, after putting my mom's picture and her engagement ring, the first one Daddy gave her, on the altar.  We had just started the first prayer when my cell phone rang.  Normally I wouldn't have answered but as my family had my cell phone number I thought it might be them.  To my utter shock and pleasure it was my estranged daughter calling to see how I was doing.  I hadn't talked to her since my chemo and only recently did she friend me on facebook allowing me to see the pictures of her kids.  She doesn't acknowledge me as her mother, which I suppose I deserve.

It was my mother's dearest wish that we repair our relationship although it never happened in her lifetime.  I can't help think that just as we were preparing to honor her as our newest ancestor, she reached beyond the veil and influenced my daughter into calling me.  We talked for nearly an hour about everything..and nothing.  I think we did repair some bridges but I still won't presume to have fixed everything.  Maybe nothing more will come of it or maybe this is the start of something.  Who knows?  I only know that my mother is responsible for this.  My Christian family would say it was God honoring Mom's request.  I give Mom the credit that now as an ancestor she affected the change herself.  She didn't need anyone to do it for her.  But I am completely convinced that my path is right for me and that by this gesture on her part, she was telling me that, too.

I have more to talk about later but as I am still in bed resting I need to go back to doing that.  Any prayers, energy, candles, etc would greatly be appreciated if they were sent this way.  I am having such trouble getting over this pneumonia.

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