Thursday, July 19, 2012

I surrender

The Norse/Anglo Saxon gods just won't leave me alone.  I dream about them, think about them and feel drawn to them.  It's just their followers I don't connect with.  Well, that's not entirely true. Some of them are fantastic.  The Norse Women on Facecrack are as diverse as any Pagan group and really do rock.  It's the guys I have the most problems with because of their manhood shit.  But I'm guessing not all men are like that.

So I surrender and acknowledge that the Norse/Anglo Saxon gods have called to me and accept it.  But on my terms, not as one of the Asatru or Vanatru.  I absolutely don't feel called to that.

And we got rain last night.  And today.  Probably not enough to make up for 2 months of drought but hopefully enough to salvage the corn crop and help the wildlife out there.  It's a nice gentle rain and the air is so cool that I don't even need fans today.

And the best part is I got sleep last night without the sleeping pill hangover this morning.  Well, actually I didn't wake up until afternoon so that might account for it.  I'm actually accomplishing things today, like cleaning, reading, knitting and stuff.  And cooking later on.  I just would love this to be a pattern and not an aberration.

Now, off to clean the kitchen before I settle in for a bit for more knitting.



  1. As an avowed syncretist I don't pay much attention to it anymore. I know that the Queen of Passion will reveal Herself to me by the face I need to see at the time. Just as the Warrior will. Granted, there is some serious gender-bending involved in my worldview. Namely that it matters less than we think. I like and respect the stated values of most of the Heathen and Asatru folks I've come in contact with. I don't care much for the misogyny I keep encountering. I am sure that the majority don't feel that way but I haven't gotten very good impressions from the few I have met. This is of course entirely my own 2 cents.

    1. My problem has always been divorcing the gods from their followers. I keep being drawn to paths that have right-wing followers who seem to be the most vocal of the followers. What I see in the gods apparently isn't what they see at all. The paths that seem to attract the more liberal elements don't appeal to me at all, though. So I have decided to trust the gods and ignore those adherents who are determined to turn it into a patriarchal religion. Fortunately I've found a lot of liberal Asatru out there, and I do believe they are the majority, however silent they may be, so it's not like the right wing "owns" the religion. I have to trust the gods know what they're doing when they call me so I will do my utmost to represent that liberal aspect of heathenry.