Friday, July 13, 2012

Brief rain but no real relief...yet.

Normally, in winter, I fill the two bird feeders every fourth day.  I filled one up yesterday and went to check it today and it's completely empty.  The poor birds must be starving out there.

I put out some barley for the mice and squirrels and it's all gone, too.

If you live in drought areas, please consider leaving fresh water out for them every day, but don't make the mistake I did and make the container too deep.  Possibly have more than one size out there.  Bird seed and food for the critters that creep through the grass would be appreciated.  I'm going to put out some carrots, too, for the rabbits in the area.  Normally I wouldn't feed wildlife but there is no food for them.  It's too dry and there are no seeds for them to eat.

I hope the drought breaks soon.



  1. Unfortunately we're now under water restrictions which prevent us from providing but so much for the critters. My parents and grandparents are insanely lucky in that the family farm sits squarely on top of a dozen or so freshwater springs. I spent Friday out in the field digging out the mudpit that is usually a natural small pond so that the goats could have water. There is still some water there it's just down a lot deeper because the drought has not resupplied the aquifer. It's not looking good on the fire front either. We're not an area historically prone to brush fires (or drought, for that matter)but this is now the third or fourth year in my memory of ever-increasing frequency and severity of brush fires. Anyone claiming that the Earth isn't changing is simply not paying attention.

    1. Makes me want to bang my head on the wall when people insist the weather is just fine and of course it's changeable but not global warming or climate change. But then these are the same people who find it threatening for people to love each other when they don't fit the demographics they insist on.

      I don't put out a lot of water even though we're not under restriction right now. I water the plants with run off from the shower and used dish water. Reminds me that I need to replenish the bird feeder and fill both of them. I watched the birds fighting over the seeds yesterday. Since we got rain last night I don't need to change the water out until tomorrow though.

  2. We are avid "bird feeders" and have noticed they are eating more than usual during this Summer. While we are not in a drought, the heat waves just keep coming and going. It's horrible this heat, I find myself locked up in the house more often than not because the heat causes me to have migraines and flares up my asthma. I say bring on that Winter!


    1. I'm more of a Fall/Winter person myself. The heat and I will never be best friends and I was worried about the summer when our winter was so mild. I will admit that I am not looking forward to August because of the heat. We don't have central air so using our window units isn't cost efficient but at times very necessary and like you, I hide in my room as much as possible, only cooking after 10 p.m. when the heat has dissipated a bit.

      I didn't notice a lot of birds today but I didn't watch out the window as much as I usually do. I'll got out tomorrow morning and check to see if they need to be refilled. Poor things. They bring so much joy I don't mind the extra expense of feeding them.

      So sorry about your migraines and asthma. Those are not to be trifled with. Take care of yourself first and then you can come back to life in the Winter. :)