Friday, May 13, 2011


I lost my last entry thanks to blogger going apeshit and don't have the energy to recreate it.  Or the memory for that matter.

But it had to do with feeling better now that I can get outdoors and renew my connection with Nature.  And how comfortable I am on my path not it isn't so narrowly defined.

Debra commented about how lovely it was to go outside now that the weather is nicer and I was going to agree before I lost my post.  So I'll agree now.  If I find it again, I'll post it.  I found a deleted post on my mundane blog.

At any rate, I'm feeling pretty darned good lately about my spirituality, aside from needing to spend more time on it and less time on politics.  I'm working on finding balance there.  Now if the asshats will just stop trying to turn this into a Christian theocracy or a Christian dictatorship, I can stop reading the news like a hawk.

ETA:  and it's back!  

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  1. Today was a CRAZY day on Blogger! *shakes fist in their general direction*