Friday, April 8, 2011

This is me not ranting...NOT

I don't get out in Nature enough but today I had a goat sighting.  In a mini-van in the parking lot of StuffMart.  You just never know where those critters will show up.

Mama Eagle is spending more time off the nest and the three balls of gray fluff are awkward, uncoordinated and fighting like...well...birds.  It's so cute to see their bobble head sway as they nip at each other.  Today was a housecleaning the nest day and Mama spent some alone time on the side of the nest munching on a mouse while the infants slept.  She's looking a bit frazzled, but new moms don't always have the time to do a lot of grooming.

I'm in one of my Christian-ranting moods of late due to some of the shit going on in Washington, D.C.  Don't worry, not going to rant here.  I got it all out of my system at lunch with Zach today.  I've cooled off for now.  But just wait until I read the papers tomorrow.  I'll need to start taking some of this steam out by walking or I'm going to need more blood pressure medicine.

One of the idiotic things said was Bryan Fischer (of the American Family if he speaks for all American families) who said that all immigrants must convert to Christianity in order to assimilate into America.  Then there is presidential-hopeful Mike Huckabee who loves Seven Mountains Dominionist David Barton (who thinks there is nothing secular so everything, including the govt must conform to his particular version of Christian theology) and thinks everyone should be forced to listen to the douchebag, even at the point of a gun.

Not to mention the state governments who are trying to make abortion illegal and are chipping away at the reproductive freedoms of women everywhere, including those idiots in Washington who seem to like making tea.  Someone said they want to repeal the 20th Century.  I think that person was right.

I know I went through a bit of shell-shock when I discovered that Paganism wasn't like living in Disneyland where everyone loved everyone else and we all got along and no one would criticize your religious preferences, but it's still Shangri-la compared to TeaPartyville where The Handmaid's Tale is their book of Prophecy and Atlas Shrugged is their Bible.

Someone said on one of the message boards that she didn't realize that Robocop was a documentary.  I'm wondering if the right are getting their ideas from science fiction...not the kind where we have solved our problems and are living together in peace...the nihilistic or apocalyptic ones...where civilization has crumbled and the corrupt are in power. 

Okay, so my rant wasn't really over.  Still, in spite of looking at a nation that is heading toward a meltdown, I'm still much happier outside of their state religion than I ever was inside it.  I think what they're succeeding at isn't what they intended.  They're waking up the people who will not be ruled by narrow-mindedness or by tyrants who want to impose their religion and philosophy on the rest of us.  I think this is all going to backfire on them.

At least I hope it does.


  1. I'm tuning out of the news and politics on purpose right now. It's just too much. I can't change one damn thing about it. My husband (federal employee) might be on unpaid furlough next week. That should be interesting. And of course, in true federal gov't fashion, we won't know until the very last goddamn minute. And then we won't know when he can expect to go back to work until the last goddamn minute. So of course we can't really plan for it.

    Did you see the video I posted on FB? It might make you laugh. It made me laugh!

  2. Omg, that is so funny. And so deep! LOL

    It's pissing me off that they are holding the nation hostage over not fiscal items, but ideological items. They've shown their hand and it's about theonomy, nothing less. They intend that this either be a christian nation or else let the nation fall into chaos.

    I sure hope you guys don't have to go without a paycheck. They aren't counting the cost of shutting down govt. They just don't fucking care.

  3. Well, at least Glenn Beck will be off the air soon. That's something.

  4. Debra, you are fabulously optimistic, I love it!

    Kathy, I avoid news channels and message boards as though they were the plague.

    If I want to know newswise what's going on I go to a news website and read when I'm mentally ready and stop when I'm no longer able to handle it.

    As for the message boards, opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one. I, personally, don't feel like looking at everyone's asshole so I stay in my snarky little bubble and they can all go bicker with each other like angry poodles.

    Now, that was my rant : )

  5. smudging my tv worked then?

    Dark Mother, I hear you, but as a fundie, I spent so much time letting other people tell me what the news was and how to think about it, that I can't sit back in that bubble anymore. I don't watch the news anymore, on any station, because I find it manipulative, but I read. And I read a lot, from both perspectives. Most of the message boards I'm on right now are sympathetic to liberal/progressive views, but I occasionally need to see what I left behind, as a validation of sorts. Believe me, LOL, I'm much calmer than I used to be.

    Loved your rant!

  6. No, seriously, Fox is canceling his series at the end of the season. Ratings are down apparently. Also it's embarrassingly obvious that the man is barking mad.