Saturday, April 23, 2011

Getting ready for Beltaine

My rant yesterday spilled over into today when I saw this bit of "news."  Sean Hannity, who has to make up news to get attention, and Bill Donohue, more-Catholic-than-the-Pope, are declaring a war on Easter.  Because, you know...Christianity is the only religion out there to have totally original and unique holidays and no one dare celebrate them unless in their entirety.  These guys have to make shit up in order to fire up their minions.  Demagogues are like that, you know.

But on to pleasanter topics.  Beltaine!  I'm looking forward to it this year, my first, and plan on cleaning up my bedroom in honor of the event.  Okay, I was going to clean up my bedroom anyway but that's where my altar is so I'm also planning on changing my colors and altar decor to reflect Beltane. I'm planning on black and red for the altar.  I also have things to burn and plant, such as all the incense ash and burnt matches from lighting my candles.  And some birch skin that has drifted into my yard over the year.  It will have to be a small fire as I don't want neighbors calling the police on me.  Just a bitty one in my Weber grill/firepit that I've made.  It still looks like a barbeque grill with a lid so I figure I'm pretty safe and we're not in a no-burn season.

I haven't had time to do any deeper spiritual concentration, having been dealing with medical issues all week, but I'm looking at Beltaine as the focus of my first studies and meditation.  Just because it's convenient.  I also need to start getting outdoors more both for my depression and adding more to my connection with Nature.  I seem to admire her from afar too much.

Tonight is for rest and sleep though.  I'm mostly recovered from that one anti-depressant but I lost so much sleep and the stress and additional pain has really worn me down.  Taking care of my physical needs has priority this weekend.  I'll get busy on the spiritual after I've rested a bit.

Blessed be.


  1. Yes, definitely rest and let your health come first!

  2. Thanks, Debra. I'm feeling better each day. Now if I can just attack this debilitating fatigue. Baby steps, though. Baby steps.