Monday, April 25, 2011

Adding more rituals to my life

I got my new necklace today and it's perfect.  I think this represents me and my path well.  I am so drawn to the moon, have been for many years now.  Plus I can wear it as a choker if I like, which will work well this summer.

I have been looking at some of my books this weekend but haven't really started reading anything yet.  Just sorting through to see which book will benefit me most at this stage, instead of reading bits out of each of them and not really gaining much at all.  My goal is to set up an area in my grove, formerly my faerie garden, for early morning coffee and communing with Nature.  Tom knows this area is important to me, although not really sacred.  I will be using it for Beltaine this weekend and it will be largely where I practice my outdoor rituals but it seems unfair for me to designate it a sacred space when Tom will need it for his archery practice as well.

Zach is getting Spring fever as well, wanting to get out into Nature more and feel the energies of life coming back from the dead.  My depression is certainly less.  In part due to my horrendous bout with one dose of Cymbalta, but also because I can feel things awaken deep inside me now.  I may be a creature of the night but I love the Sun, too.

I'm thinking of taking some time each week or each month to go to the "Indian" mounds outside of town and connect with the ancestors there.  They aren't my ancestors, as my Native American roots are Chiricahua (Apache) but there's no reason I can't honor them in the stead of my own.  Ancestors are ancestors, after all.  Plus, I loved the spiritual vibe I got there, but haven't had the chance to go back by myself or with Zach to spend quality time there.

I do plan to be ready for Beltaine this time.  Most times when a Sabbat comes up I'm woefully unprepared and just wing it, which is very unsatisfying for me.  And I'm sure for the deities as well.  So I've been looking at rituals and planning out what I will choose to keep and what I will substitute for those things I don't plan on keeping.  I'm getting more comfortable with ritual.  Most nights I just light candles and read prayers from my Pagan Prayer book, but last night I included a ritual, calling peace in a different way from how I normally do it, assigning dual meanings to my candles...things like that.  I felt so at peace afterwards.  I knew I was where I belonged and that is one of the best feelings in the world.

Well, time to get some things done before I shut down for the night, including making supper...potato/leek soup with cheese.  Easy, one-pot cooking.  Then crawling into bed and trying to stay awake until around 10 p.m. 


  1. Lovely necklace! I'm sure it will bring good fortune to you.

  2. Thanks, Debra. I really love it. I'm allergic to just about anything metal except for gold so I can't wear the stainless chains. I love this black cord and wish I could buy several of the cords for my other necklaces so I could wear them.

    Plus it looks good on. It really does express my path as I think of myself on a Moon Path right now.