Tuesday, April 5, 2011

The attack of the Tarot cards

My Tarot deck hates me.  I'm still getting gibberish from it and the other night, one of the cards got bent while shuffling.  I straightened it up but the next shuffle it bent again.  Thinking this card was trying to get my attention, I pulled it out and looked at it:  Ten of Swords.  So...the cards are wanting to stab me in the back, no?  One of the books I've got says it means I need to increase my stress load or submit to a family member who is giving me grief.  No, I think the cards hate me.  Seriously.  This is the style of cards I owned when I was convinced by a "friend" that it was of the devil and I needed to burn them.  And burn them, I did.  Revenge.  It's got to be. I think I know where this is going...the cards will stalk me until I lose my mind and end up in the loony bin.

Hmmmm...I think I've seen this movie.

Wasn't the best of days.  I tried to burn some frankincense last night because I've been really stressed out lately but the cone keeps going out before it burns much at all.  The sticks burn fine and my other cones burn fine, but these are really compressed and don't want to burn.  I wonder if I should crush them and burn them that way.  Do I need something like charcoal to keep them lit like we did when I was on the altar guild at St. Mark's?  I should get me a whacking big censer like they have and wave that baby all over my house.  Yeah!

I'm battling anxiety attacks today so I'm planning on smudging my room and having some meditation time, if I can concentrate longer than 30 seconds without crawling out of my skin.  I wonder how much the emotional poisons the environment around you.  And believe me my emotions have been toxic of late.  I could create my own toxic waste dump with just the crap I'm dealing with.

Oh, and there were two baby eaglets this morning.  She had one egg unhatched but she was still keeping it and the babies warm.  They were so cute with their gray fuzz and shrieking.  I just peeked in again and it looks like something dead is in the nest, too.  Maybe dad brought mom something to eat.  Lots of black feathers...hope it wasn't a crow.  There also looks like another dead critter in the nest.  Damned circle of life!  It's Disney's fault!

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