Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reality tv...the Eagles

Zach and I watched the baby eaglets today.  The third egg had holes in it and we watched breathlessly for a while as the wee thing tried to break through but mama had been off the babies feeding them for a while and they needed warming up.  Last time we looked the wee one was still in the egg, but it looked more broken.

Then papa landed on the nest, left a fish, and flew off again.  In about a half hour he landed again with a bigger fish.  Then about 15 minutes later he landed and grabbed a bite to eat.  Mama crouches her head down and swings it up, keening, as he lands.  The third time she got off the eaglets as if to let him see them and keened to him while he ate.  The whole thing was amazing and papa is absolutely magnificent.  He's larger than mama and sleeker, as if he's had a comb through his hair.  She looks frazzled as only a new mother can look.

They've got two fish and a rodent and some other creature in the nest for food but they finish up what they've been working on before they start on the new foods.  In order.  I love watching them.

I'm going to burn some frankincense tonight.  I may have to hold onto it to keep it lit instead of leaving it on the altar.  Or maybe I'll just light some of my cheaper stuff that burns almost all the way down.  I'm going to save the sticks for ritual and use the cones for my healing sessions.

I found a site I like called On Leaving Fundamentalism Behind.  I haven't read a lot of it but I can relate to so much of it.  Not all as I'm not as quick to respond to those who feel a need to preach to me, but I can understand feeling the need to.  I am doing better with the bitterness until I fun into fundies who insist on behaving smugly and with a great deal of superiority.  Then it comes back to me and I lose all progress. Sometimes I think keeping it alive is a shield I need to keep the pain at a distance. It protects me from the people who did so much damage in the first place.

I didn't get any smudging done last night and won't get any done tonight.  I'm going to bed early because I only got 2 hours sleep last night.  Not for anything on my mind.  Just because I knew that alarm was set and I was going to have to get up.  I'm that way.

We had a close election for State Supreme Court...under 200 votes difference but they're unofficially declaring the winner and it's not the fundie/tea party incumbent.  So of course, the tea party side is claiming that our side was up all night manufacturing votes.  I know that's what kept me up but I knitted them because I think knitted votes look better than crocheted votes.  I know there will be disagrees on that, but it's just a personal choice. :)

Off to get macaroni and cheese out of the oven because I don't have a daddy eagle who brings me food to eat.  Seriously, I can't get over how magnificent he was.  Just dropping into the nest, dropping off a fish from his talons and flying off again.  That was so cool!


  1. I've only seen a bald eagle in the wild on one occasion but I will always remember it. You're right -- they are magnificent birds.

  2. We have a bald eagle nesting at a wildlife area near my home. My husband has seen her on his runs and couldn't wait to get home and tell me about her. There are photographers snapping pictures and video. It's exciting : )

  3. Debra, I saw one bald eagle a few years ago on my way to my fundie church, where I excitedly told them about it, but they were pretty meh about it even telling me I couldn't have seen one because they don't live around rural Wisconsin.

    I saw another one a few months ago...both times, they swooped down in front of my car. I wonder now if the first eagle was trying to get my attention to another path. I'll probably always second guess myself.

    Dark Mother, that is so cool. I'm hoping to get a camera (albeit a cheap one) for Mother's Day (or Beltane) so I can get out there but my camera wouldn't be very good for wildlife photography. It would be cool if I could get good enough to actually warrant buying a good camera though.