Thursday, April 29, 2010


I can 't believe I'm still battling this cold.  I suspect it's bronchitis, actually and if I'm not well by next weekend, I'll make an appointment with the doctor but for now I got some B-12 pills from the store and will try to eat better and begin some light exercise.  I'll probably walk Professor up and down the street until I'm ready to tackle the hill and walk him around the block.  It's a pretty steep hill that leaves me gasping for air by the time we get home.

I also plan on lighting a candle tonight and offering up a prayer to Brigid for health.  I use blue for health even though I know most people use red.  Blue signals physical health to me.  I think of emotional health when I think of red.  I should also light a green candle as I'm spending more than I should be right now.  I'm using our tax refund to stock up on minor items for the yard and garden and I admit I bought myself two $9 dvds today because if I wait until a special occasion comes up, they're gone.  I missed out on Babylon 5 (the whole series) and Firefly that way.

I have some knitting that must be done tonight but I would like to take some time for studying tarot and a druid course I found online.  Since Beltane is this weekend, I should at least read it by then even if I've got the whole month of May to accomplish the tasks set forth.

I figured out what drew me back to Christianity the last was the sense of belonging.  I remember how bereft I felt having no one in my life who was Pagan except for Zach.  I always needed to feel part of a group.  I've joined two email loops for Pagans, one being from Madison so maybe that will help.

I saw the hawk family again on the way home.  I love seeing them flying about.  I feel a kinship with them, but I've also seen a fox, a weasel and a bald eagle as I drive around (and apparently I'm the only one who sees them) so they offer me a kinship as well.

I must go lie down as I'm feeling particularly crummy tonight.  Hopefully this will pass soon.

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