Thursday, January 24, 2013

My plans were a bit too ambitious today

I wasn't as bouncy today due to fending off a sinus infection today (I won, I think) but I'm still feeling pretty good about things spiritual.  I've noticed on some blogs and groups that their discussions are way over my head because they get into the philosophical, using big words and everything.  But that's okay.  That kind of thing exists in all religions, I'm sure.

I didn't get any reading done today.  I have another book in at the library by Walter Burkert about Mystery Religions.  Since there isn't a waiting  list on it, I can keep it checked out for around 3 months if I need to.  I love our library system. 

I did get a few things done around the house in the way of organizing but not enough.  In fact, my bed is overflowing with things I moved from the rack that is now in front of the south window.  That will be holding all my seedlings and such.  It also has my art supplies on it as well.  I need to reorganize it because I think I can come up with another free shelf for plants.  But I'm not sure what to do with the baby clothes I had knitted up for charity.  I want to wait until I have more to donate so I guess I'll bag them up and store them in my overflowing closet.

I lit a candle on the altar today for a friend who has a job interview tomorrow.  I wasn't sure who to appeal to so I left it up in the air generally with a nod to Hera since it's her month.  Plus I think we have a connection although not a close one yet. 

I still need to manage my time better and treat the computer like it's crack.  I spend way too much time on here.  I can't go off totally because I have things going on here that I need to keep up with but I could spend a lot less time keeping up with everything and everyone.  Politics took me over during the governor's race a couple of years ago and I haven't quit it yet.

I'm on the left/liberal side of things, which I'm glad to have found isn't an aberration within Hellenic polytheism.  There are those who are firmly on the right but they don't seem to be a huge majority.  Even among reconstructionists, which I'm not one of.  It's one of the things that kept me from committing to either Greek or Heathen polytheism.  The heathens, more than the Greeks, tend to sit on the right side of politics, both social and financial aspects.  It was very hard for me to stay on the heathen path with so many of them polar opposites to me.  Especially with all the macho bullshit and war-loving attitudes.  But enough of that.  I much prefer to talk about all things Greek.

Except supper is ready and I need to get the kitchen cleaned up afterward and then go to bed to read and knit a while.


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