Monday, September 17, 2012

Early birthday

For some reason, my men decided to celebrate my birthday a week early so I got all my gifts yesterday.  I had asked Tom to make me a shelf in the kitchen window so I could keep my herbs there so he took the window sill out and put in a larger one.  It's perfect for growing herbs although I need to be careful with the wind because we get some strong winds here that have been known to knock lamps over and break them.

I also got some wool for knitting socks.  I have formerly used a wool/acrylic blend but the socks don't even last a full winter without getting holes so I asked for wool this year.  I started on a sock last night.

Then, to my utter surprise I got a Kindle.  I have mixed feelings about it since we didn't have the money for it and I'll have to be extra frugal with grocery shopping to pay for it but I have to admit that I love it.  I had some books I had gotten on for free but it's hard to read on the computer.  At least it's hard for me.  The books are all of a Pagan/Heathen perspective, including a book on the Eddas (though not the Eddas themselves) and one on Runes.  Herbs, witchcraft and Celtic history are the other books.  I can't wait to sit down and read them.

I'm still not reading enough to suit myself.  I've limited my time online quite a bit but most of the time not online has been spent running errands or knitting.  I did get my room squared away a bit and today am working on organizing my armoir and the kitchen but I'm not doing the reading I would like to be doing.  Part of it lack of concentration.  Although I'm sleeping again, my brain hasn't caught up yet so it's still a big sluggish and wandery.

And I'd like to get my altar ready for Autumn soon.  I have the stuff I need already but I just feel like other things should come first.  Like clean dishes and home-cooked meals.  I'll get to it soon though.  It's nice that I can celebrate the beginning of fall and my birthday all at once though so in spite of already having received my gifts, I'm still looking forward to my birthday/autumn.

It helps that today is flat out cold with temps in the low 50s.  I love it!


  1. Enjoy your birthday! I have a birthday MONTH instead of just one day : ) I'm going to see Matisyahu the first week of November, The Bellydance Superstars the second week, and the third and fourth weeks my friends and family better have some shit planned. I see a gay bar and lots of laughs.

    1. Thanks, M. I think I'll take your advice and celebrate the rest of this month. Next year I'll take the whole month. I like it!!!!