Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Cowardly me

I had to back out of the blue moon ritual because it's just too far away and I would have to drive in too much traffic to get there.  It sucks not having anyone close enough to get together with but I do appreciate the invitation.  Just feel bad that I accepted and had to decline.  Plus my anxiety levels were on overload when I saw how much of Madison I would have to drive through.  In rush hour traffic.  On a Friday night.

So I plan on writing a ritual for Zach and me for the blue moon.  Won't be much but I hope it will be sufficient.  I haven't actually done magick yet.  I just don't have the energy for it but hopefully soon.

I was looking at some sites about the Welsh deities and I just wish they had a pronunciation guide to go along with most of them.  I did find one site that did but some of the pronunciations disagreed with other sites.  One of the problems with dealing with deities from another language, I suppose.

Another problem I have is with the mythologies.  I still have problems enjoying them.  It makes me like the deities less rather than get to know them better.  To be honest, the only mythologies I like are the Greek ones, mostly because they are from my childhood and are somewhat better organized.  The Celtic/Welsh mythologies tend to be a jumble of post-Christian writings with some stories brought down through tradition.  Hard to follow especially after all the Christianizing of them.  So I just plan to get to know them personally instead of through their myths.  I know the Greeks weren't any paragons of morality either and I did have problems liking the gods in spite of their myths.

And yet I know that this is the best path for me, the most comfortable and the most compatible with who I am.  I just mosey on doing the best I can.  How can I not walk this path when I get such a great response from the gods?


  1. Its ok. I wish that we lived closer too. But I'm glad you'll be doing something on your own :)

    1. Thanks, Cindy. I really did want to come and meet you both and be a part of something spiritual but it's just not practical, especially with gas nearly $4 a gallon. It cost about $60 to fill up the minivan today. Gasp! Maybe we can meet at the east side some time at a restaurant or something. That's about as far into Madison as I can manage. :(

  2. I wish for you to find a Sister that lives close to you. Having a group of women though......well, a bunch of powerful women together can end one of two ways. With a bang, or with a hug. There really is no in between.

  3. Thanks, Red. I am on a group on facebook with other pagans from Southern Wisconsin but they don't seem to post much. Not sure how far away everyone is, but my county is large in square miles and low on population. Not to mention Lutheran/Catholic country with the evangelical fundies in abundance.

    Maybe some day I'll be able to travel but for now, neither my nerves nor my pocketbook will allow it. :(