Sunday, May 18, 2014

Still here

I don't know if anyone is reading this blog anymore.  I wasn't sure if I wanted to continue with it and having had a lot of health issues to deal with lately, just haven't had the impetus to do much of it.  I hope to pop in here regularly but if not, I'll be here from time to time.

It's odd how, when I decided not to focus on a direction, one was made apparent to me.  I seem to have no doubts now, and haven't had any for a while.  Signs and portents are lining up, making this direction a surety to me.

Still, I know so little and have so much to learn.  But the gods are patient and kind and give me all the space I need to discover them.

 One of my biggest obstacles has been the racism and white pride that exists with people who are on this path as well but I'm hanging out with the guys who hate it as much as I do so I feel a lot more secure.  Plus, they are getting more vocal in their rejection of the bigoted, which helps.  Still I don't like to wear my hammer out in public these days much.

Zach is also on this path with me so it's nice to have company on the journey.  Hopefully we'll get our shit together and get more organized so we can have rituals outside now that the weather is cooperating.  I really want to use my fire pit.

Blessings on this Sunne's day.

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