Monday, March 17, 2014

Stepping way outside my normal way of thinking

We had a short full moon ritual last night.  Winging it as I had no formal ritual to follow.  I thought it went well and so did Zach.

Still plugging along this eclectic path.  Not feeling overly excited about it but I think that's a good thing for now.  It feels normal, if that makes any sense.

Last night I put Bast on my altar but felt really uncomfortable doing that so I took her off only to realize she wanted on the altar but on the upper shelf, not below where I normally put my statues.  She's still there and it feels pretty right.  I've never seriously considered her before, mostly because my drawing has been toward European gods for the most part.  Now that I've opened up to any and all gods, I've discovered several out there who just want to stop in and say hi, including the spirits of some animals.

I've been drawn to the eagle for years, as well as the crow or raven.  Lately I've felt the wolf's presence as well and thought they might represent gods but now I'm not so sure.  I think they might just represent the spirits of the animals.  I did notice that our full moon ritual had some Native American influences.  I have a miniscule amount of NA ancestry but I never considered that path either, thinking my more European ancestors were more dominant.

I'm not sure where I'll end up, if I even end up anywhere, but I am discovering more about the environment around me, the aspects of Nature and the elements.  I seem to notice more about me, the influences of spirits and Nature on my life.

I also put a statue that has been identified as Frigg on my altar but I'm not so sure she is Frigg.  I definitely sense Persephone in that statue.  That might be why I never could connect well with Frigg when I was worshiping her in that representation.  I am learning that the gods manifest themselves as they choose and not how we perceive them.  The horned god is there as well.  I think of him as Cernnunos mostly but he might be every horned god out there.  I have no idea right now.

I really do believe that the pantheons are artificial constructs that we humans devised in order to define who our gods are.  Getting rid of the idea that the gods exist in distinctly narrow slots has really opened up the universe to me.

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