Saturday, November 19, 2011

Getting rid of those buttons people want to keep pushing

So...the epilogue to the story of yesterday was that the person in question decided to use her husband's account to further berate me (and accuse me of being the antagonist, because of course they never are, being perpetual victims).  I should have just let it go and unfriended her husband's account (which I only used for game playing) but I didn't.  Eventually I deleted my last comment and just said that I didn't need to defend or explain my actions to anyone, then deleted her husband's account.  Let her have the last word.  I don't fucking care.

But it brought to mind how manipulative people can be over being "friended" on facecrack.  How dare you unfriend me over ONE thing I said (not verbatim, but close).  It wasn't just one thing, actually, since there was another occasion where she jumped in my shit because I said I wasn't comfortable hanging with people who thought my prayers had cooties, but even if it was, it's my fucking right to do so. I still have some fundie friends who don't bother me at all.  I don't jump in the stuff they post and they don't jump in the things I post.  Unless it's funny.  Or something they're interested in.  And I love to coo over their grandchildren.  I call that respect.  What was done to me yesterday was the real disrespect.

I am no longer a doormat.  You don't have the right to try to fix me or tell me what my problems are unless I invite you to.  And I can guarantee you that I'm not sending out invitations any time soon.  The only exceptions are those people I do seek advice from, those of you who read and comment on this blog.  It's fair game when I offer myself up in order to grow.  Fundies excluded, of course.

So in the future, I need to just let it go and delete, unfriend or ignore.  Whatever it takes to take care of myself.

So, I got off the computer and cleaned the living room which was so very cathartic in itself.  Order just soothes my soul.  Or is that rock and roll?

I also cleaned and sorted my altar out, making it more in keeping with the Greeks.  And discovering that many of the pieces I have on my altar represent some of the Greek Gods in a very specific way.  I guess I was heading in that direction after all.  I guess when they want you, they direct you until you discover where you really are supposed to be.

I poured out a libation to Hermes the other night.  I used milk as I don't keep wine here since no one drinks it.  I can't because of medication I'm on.  In the middle of the night I heard some slurping and saw Hannibal with his nose down in the cream pitcher, gulping down my libation.  If Hermes doesn't mind, I don't either so I poured it into a bowl so he could get to it without getting his face stuck. 

All in all it hasn't been a bad day.  The old me would  have fretted and worried and had to have the last word.  I like the new me better.  Isn't it odd how I'm a much better person as a Pagan than I ever was as a Christian.  Even my husband says so. :)


  1. Thank you! And thanks for commenting!

  2. I'm just catching up on blogs but I have to say after reading this post it sounds like an AWESOME day! You decided what and who were bullshit and flushed those fuckers away! GOOD FOR YOU GIRL!

  3. Thanks, Dark Mother. This is the third person I unfriended due to this kind of shit but I truly never expected her to behave like this, being one of my more liberal-minded Christian friends. But her behavior was more in line with the fundie type Christians I've had to get away from in order to maintain my sanity.