Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Beware of Greeks bearing luggage

I'd write more here if I had something worth saying, but mostly I'm just a fly-by-the-seat-of-my-pants Pagan and winging it as I go.  But I have been paying a bit more attention to my surroundings of late, wondering, pondering and putting the pieces of the puzzles together.  There always seems to be pieces missing though.

The Greeks have come for a visit since I last invoked Hermes during the stranded-in-the-next-town-late-at-night debacle.  And they brought luggage this time.  Which of course made me question why it is whenever I feel a need to call on a diety out of despair or need, I always call on the Greeks, never the Celts.  Well, actually they brought it up when I asked about the luggage.  They also pointed out that I still have an altar to Zeus on my piano and have accidentally prayed to Hestia instead of Brighid on a regular basis.  Then there are the eagles and crows they've been sending to me, trying to get my attention.

Apparently they have a point as I instinctively called upon Hermes again tonight when Tom's truck died on his way to work, just two days before he's supposed to leave for his hunting trip. Artemis showed up as well, being interested in Tom's intentions in hunting, which I hope I explained to her satisfaction.

They also pointed out that my problem isn't with them, it's with their adherents, which they claim they're not responsible for.  So after promising not to frequent those sites anymore, I invited them to stay.  I'm not saying they're on probation but if they start insisting on heels and hose for prayers, I'll pack their bags for them myself.  But I suspect they're really a lot more laid back about things than some people want them to be. 

I'm not feeling particularly giddy that this seems to be the right path for me.  In fact, I feel a bit casual about it all, accepting that this is probably the right thing for me, although I'm not ruling anything out. If this is just a lengthy visit then I'll take that all in stride and deal with it, but if they're moving in permanently, then I'll make this as comfortable a home for them as I can.

But they have a point that I only call upon them in times of need.  It's like sending out invitations.  If you don't want people to visit, don't ask them to.


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