Tuesday, October 11, 2011


I'm getting genuinely excited about Samhain, one of my favorite festivals of the year.  It's also drawing me in a distinctly Celtic direction and creating an interest in learning more about the Celtic myths and history.  Letting the path guide me instead of me directing the path has been a very interesting experience.

But one thing keeps popping up for me is that my pull toward the Greeks never seems to last long.  It's like I stop in for a visit, as you would relatives who live far away.  Thinking about my last post, about re-reading books from my past, gave me much to ponder about the past.  And it occurred to me that the Greeks were the gods of my youth even though I never worshiped them as such.  But they were my passion and I spent many a daydream-filled afternoon wishing I lived in the times when they were worshiped.  Of course, as a Christian and a child, I never really believed they existed...or did I?  Perhaps in the depths of my mind, I did believe in them.

But I came to a realization that the pull I feel toward them is more nostalgic in nature.  When I heed that call, I enjoy the first few days until the novelty wears off and I long for the Celtic gods and the culture that goes with them.  It's like a visit that has lasted too long.  Guests, like fish, lose their freshness after a few days after all.

Still, it's nice to visit now and then, but my heart does truly lie with the Celtic/druid/eclectic path.  When I left Christianity, I told myself that any spiritual path I took must feel as natural as breathing and only this path provides that for me.

I do hope that I'm done with wavering and meandering all over the path.  It's good for a while, but sometimes you want to make progress toward your destination.  And right now, I'm tired of wandering.  But if I get wanderlust again, I will not hesitate to visit the Greeks, or maybe even the Norse gods, or whoever invites me for a vacation.



  1. HA! I always hope I'm done with meandering LOL, but even when I think I'm set in stone - ESPECIALLY when I think I'm set in stone - it's time for a complete reassessment of where I want to be and why the hell I'm doing all of this in the first place. As one of Rick Derks post so wonderfully concluded yesterday - comfortable was never a place for growth! Have fun exploring the celtic path :)


  2. Drop in on the Hindus too -- they can be a fun bunch as well.

  3. Nellie, I know what you mean and I'm glad to know I'm not alone in this journey. I looked up Rick's blog and have bookmarked it for a lot of reading. Looks good!

    Debra, I will do that! I've been intrigued by them for quite a while but haven't stopped by for a visit yet. Definitely sounds like they have a good time.

  4. There are those who wander....then there are those who wonder... I think it's good to be both at the same time.

    Also, Hindus rock. Kali is awesome.