Monday, February 7, 2011

The gift of energy

I've done battle with a sinus infection all winter, I think, but after three days of echinacea, goldenseal and cold medicine, I'm feeling a bit better.  And a bit more ambitious.  A clean house always motivates me but getting the house clean seems to need motivation, too.  I'm not sure if there is anything specific, but I am making progress.  I suspect just feeling better is motivation enough.

I moved the plastic drawers under the card table in my bedroom and pulled out my nightstand to replace it as the base for my altar, which I redecorated in keeping with the way my spiritual path is moving at this time.  It's lighter, more uplifting and not as cluttered so I'm not knocking things over all the time.  If nothing else, having wood under it rather than plastic makes it feel more genuine, more foundational.  Plus it looks much better than a red plastic set of drawers used for storing stashes of yarn.

The other cleaning I've done makes my heart lighter, too, as clutter and mess always makes my mood go south.  I'm even about to put the summer curtains back up in the kitchen.  I know it's not time yet but I've got plastic on the windows so having insulated curtains on doesn't make that much of a difference while having happy curtains in my kitchen (and next to Hestia's altar) would do so much good. Now if I could just remember where I put the curtain rods.

I've done some reading on Hellenismos and I do like a lot of what I'm reading, the manner and method of worship and the lifestyle that goes along with it, but I do have this problem with commitment that prevents me from accepting the engagement ring and promising a long life together.  I think we'll just live together for a while and see if it works out. 

We had snow again today.  Just enough to dust the roads and remind us that spring isn't just around the corner.  I know it won't be winter forever and spring will come eventually and then summer and then I'll be bitching in August about the heat.  But for now, I'll bitch about the snow.  It's the best I can do.

I have much to do tonight since I have this energy that can't be wasted.  I just hope it carries over to tomorrow so I can get the rest of it done.  But for now, I'll accept this gift and use it as best I can.


  1. You're right -- energy is a real gift! Go for it!

  2. Yes - use that energy when it hits! I love doing a bit moving things around when the mood strikes. And fresh, summery curtains sound great - even if we do have to wait a bit longer for Spring.

  3. I used to bear down and do my heavy duty twice a year Spring and Fall cleanings by the calender. Now, I give myself the entire 3 months of the season and tackle things according to my energy level. If you've got the energy, I say go for it!

  4. Thanks, all! It's times like these that I don't feel like I'm just a lazy deadbeat. When I have energy I use it and accomplish so much. It's just such a rare visitor to my house. :(